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Why OnSpace is the right solution for your team

Why OnSpace is good for Project Reporting

OnSpace is an exceptional tool for Project Reporting, particularly for field projects, due to its ability to cater to unique business needs. It offers a centralized system that keeps all of your team's work data and communication organized and easily accessible, which is crucial for managing field projects where teams are often dispersed.

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Custom Form Builder

Create custom solutions from your phone or computer in minutes with our range of essential input fields. This feature allows you to collect and organize your data from various use cases, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Custom Form Builder

In-App Chat Messaging for Collaboration

Your team can post form data and message one another within the same form. Every form submission is displayed in the chat screen, streamlining communication and ensuring everyone is up-to-date on operational activities.

Chat Messaging Experience on Forms

Offline Mode on Mobile Apps

Take OnSpace with you anywhere you go through our mobile apps. This is especially beneficial for field and distributed teams, allowing them to continue working even without an internet connection.

Offline Mode for Mobile Apps

Data-Driven Decisions

Identify patterns, trends, and relationships in your data with our user-friendly visualization feature. Communicate your insights effectively with charts, graphs, maps, pivot tables, and scorecards.

OnSpace Data Analytics

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