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Problems We Solve

"I need a user-friendly tool to manage relief logistics efficiently."

Many organizations encounter difficulties in managing data using outdated methods while overseeing relief logistics. The time-consuming and error-prone process of manually entering data into spreadsheets is a common issue. Additionally, relying on paper-based forms restricts access to data, making analysis more complicated. These outdated practices not only increase the risk of data breaches but also hinder the organization's ability to efficiently manage and utilize information for decision-making and operational planning in humanitarian logistics.


OnSpace logistics management software provides a flexible and user-friendly solution for relief logistics managers to monitor the distribution of resources effectively. Our customizable online and offline forms, tailored to meet the specific requirements of relief operations, offer various input options, including GPS tagging for precise location tracking during distribution across multiple sites. This feature greatly aids managers in coordinating, scheduling, and tracking distribution progress to ensure efficient delivery and timely response to relief operations.

"I need a simple and insightful data analysis tool for real-time decision-making."

When it comes to relief logistics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) face challenges in effectively analyzing and reporting data due to their dependence on outdated or complex tools. These tools hinder the ability to make decisions based on evidence and cause delays in sharing critical information with donors, partners, and beneficiaries. As a result, effective response and coordination in relief operations are compromised.


Our user-friendly NGO logistics platform empowers you to analyze operational data and derive actionable insights for strategic decision-making. Equipped with built-in data visualization tools like charts, graphs, and maps, it enables you to monitor key performance indicators, detect trends, and evaluate the impact of your relief operations on the communities you serve in real-time. This comprehensive approach not only enhances distribution and impact assessment but also guides your humanitarian logistics strategy with informed decisions.

"I need a real-time communication tool to facilitate my relief logistics."

The seamless coordination and communication between field officers, program managers, and stakeholders in humanitarian logistics face obstacles due to the lack of an all-in-one platform with live chat capabilities. Timely collaboration is paramount for effectively responding to evolving situations and ensuring well-informed decision-making processes to address critical humanitarian logistics efficiently.


Our logistics management software's chat feature serves as a lifeline for NGO logistics stakeholders, addressing their pressing need for seamless collaboration and real-time communication. With its real-time capabilities, stakeholders are empowered to exchange vital information swiftly, make critical decisions promptly, and effectively monitor relief operations' progress from anywhere, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency and problem-solving in humanitarian logistics.

Who is it for?

Logistics Coordinators
Monitoring and Evaluation Officers
Project Managers
Impact Assessment practitioners
Field Officers
Supply Chain Managers
Communication Officers
Emergency Response Team
Performance Measurement Analysts

Why use OnSpace

Efficient Logistics Coordination
Comprehensive Reporting
Easiest Data Collection tool
User-Friendly Interface
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Enhanced Accountability
Collaboration with Real-time Chat
Offline Capabilities on Mobile
Efficient Logistics Coordination


These unique features are specifically tailored to improve programs focused on NGO logistics.

Custom Form Builder

Experience seamless management of humanitarian logistics with our intuitive tool tailored for personalized data collection and management. Efficiently capture relief operations, monitor distribution progress, and gather stakeholder feedback for streamlined management. Our user-friendly interface simplifies form creation, ensuring accessibility for all, regardless of technical expertise. Enhance project monitoring with OnSpace’s logistics management software customized for the unique needs of NGO logistics.

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OnSpace custom form

Analyze Your Data

Unlock patterns, trends, and connections within your humanitarian logistics data by leveraging the robust data analysis tool offered by OnSpace. Convert unprocessed data into valuable insights through the utilization of advanced visualization elements such as charts, graphs, maps, and scorecards. By adopting this data-centric approach, you can bolster your decision-making process and improve the efficiency of your humanitarian logistics operations.

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Real-time Collaboration With Your Teams

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your relief logistics team by streamlining collaboration and data management. Integrate live chats seamlessly into your forms to enhance work conversations, promoting quick and efficient communication during day-to-day relief operations. Your team will be constantly informed about incoming data by displaying each form, file, or message in the chat interface, fostering smooth communication and coordination in relief operations.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

OnSpace has revolutionized our relief logistics operations, streamlining coordination and communication among team members, resulting in faster response times and efficient delivery of aid in remote areas.

Logistics Coordinator

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