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With OnSpace Reports, effortlessly create dynamic dashboards from your form data using advanced analytics tools to drive better decision-making.

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Dashboard Report

What are Dashboard Reports?

Dashboard Reports is a powerful feature within OnSpace that enables you to create comprehensive, customizable dashboards by aggregating data from one or multiple forms. Through the use of pivot tables, charts, and stats or metrics cards, you can visualize your data in meaningful ways. This feature is designed to help you quickly analyze your data, uncovering trends and insights that inform better decisions. Whether you're evaluating customer feedback, monitoring project progress, or reviewing any other form-based data, Reports turns raw data into actionable intelligence.

Benefits of using OnSpace Dashboard Reports

  1. Comprehensive Data Analysis: Aggregate data from various forms into a single report, providing a holistic view of the information that matters most to your organization.
  2. Customizable Dashboards: Tailor your reports with pivot tables, charts, and metrics cards to highlight the key data points and trends relevant to your specific needs.
  3. Insightful Decision Making: Visualize data patterns and trends that inform smarter, data-driven decisions, enhancing your strategic planning and operational efficiency.
  4. Efficient Reporting Process: Simplify the reporting process by automating data aggregation and visualization, saving you time and effort in manual data analysis.
  5. Enhanced Data Accessibility: Share reports easily with team members or stakeholders, ensuring everyone has access to the same insights and can contribute to informed decision-making.
  6. Real-time Data Insights: Update your reports automatically as new data is collected, allowing for real-time analysis and timely adjustments to your strategies or operations.
  7. Versatility Across Use Cases: Whether you're running surveys, tracking project progress, or analyzing sales data, OnSpace Reports can be adapted to suit a wide range of analytical needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a dashboard report in OnSpace?

Creating a dashboard report involves selecting the forms you wish to analyze, by first aggregating data from single or multiple forms on a pivot table then choosing the type of visualization (pie chart, bar chart, or metrics card), and customizing the elements to highlight the data you're interested in. OnSpace's user-friendly interface guides you through each step.

Can I combine data from multiple forms into a single dashboard report?

Yes, you can aggregate data from single form or better multiple forms, giving you a comprehensive view of the information you need to analyze.

How customizable are the charts and pivot tables?

Highly customizable. You can adjust the type of chart, the data points to include, the labels to ensure your report communicates the insights most effectively.

Is it possible to share dashboard reports with people who don't use OnSpace?

Absolutely. You can generate shareable links, embed links to your website or export reports in various formats like CSV and PDF to ensure stakeholders can access the insights, regardless of whether they have an OnSpace account.

How do metrics cards enhance my dashboard reports?

Metrics cards provide at-a-glance insights into key data points, such as total responses, average scores, or custom metrics relevant to your analysis, making it easier to quickly assess performance or trends.

Do I have to schedule dashboard reports to update automatically?

No, the reports automatically update or adjust in real-time as data are submitted through their respective OnSpace forms. With this capability you and your team can make informed decisions instantly.

How can OnSpace dashboard reports help in decision-making?

By providing a clear, visual representation of your data, OnSpace dashboard report helps you identify trends, patterns, and outliers that could influence your decisions. This insight enables more strategic planning, better resource allocation, and improved outcomes.

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