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"I need an efficient WASH tool for comprehensive data collection."

Efficiently gathering and overseeing data for complex WASH programs presents a major obstacle, particularly in regions with restricted or unreliable online access. This hampers the prompt and precise collection of vital information pertaining to water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives, thereby impeding effective decision-making and program execution. To tackle this challenge, innovative solutions are necessary to operate efficiently even in low-connectivity settings, ensuring comprehensive data management and the success of programs.


OnSpace provides a flexible solution for intricate programs, enabling seamless online and offline data collection using tailor-made forms. The platform allows you to effortlessly capture detailed information about beneficiaries, specific interventions related to water sanitation and hygiene, progress evaluations, and impact assessments. This ensures that all data is recorded seamlessly, even in areas with limited connectivity.

"I need a simple tool with real-time insights for adaptive programming."

In the field of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) initiatives, it can be quite challenging to capture real-time insights into the impact of interventions. To effectively track the progress of beneficiaries and ensure the effectiveness of integration across different initiatives, there is a demand for strong reporting and visualization tools. However, limited access to reliable data and the complexity of program dynamics makes this challenge even more difficult. Solving this problem calls for innovative solutions that enable comprehensive monitoring and evaluation, ultimately facilitating informed decision-making and successful implementation of programs in water sanitation and hygiene.


Harness the robust reporting and visualization capabilities of OnSpace to tackle the issue of obtaining up-to-the-minute insights into the impact of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions. Monitor the progress of beneficiaries across different initiatives, assess how well integration is working, and derive actionable insights to adapt and prioritize interventions in real-time.

"I long for a simple tool that empowers coordination and learning."

While managing water sanitation and hygiene programs, a significant challenge often arises in establishing efficient and immediate communication channels among program managers, field officers, and stakeholders. Timely collaboration is vital for adapting to dynamic situations, making informed decisions, and fostering a culture of shared learning and innovation within the organization.


OnSpace's chat feature serves as the central hub for smooth team collaboration, making it an essential tool for program managers, field officers, and stakeholders. With real-time communication capabilities, this feature enables rapid information exchange and adaptive decision-making. It also plays a crucial role in fostering a learning culture within the program, especially in areas related to water sanitation and hygiene.

Who is it for?

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
Program Managers
Impact Assessment Practitioners
Performance Measurement Analysts
Research and Evaluation Specialists

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No Technical Expertise Needed
Easiest Data Collection tool
Comprehensive Data Analysis Tool
User-Friendly Interface
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Collaboration with Real-time Chat
Offline Capabilities on Mobile


These features are specifically designed to enhance and oversee your water sanitation and hygiene programs.

Custom Form Builder

Effortlessly create personalized data collection forms using our intuitive tool tailored for water sanitation and hygiene projects. Seamlessly capture project data, monitor progress, and gather stakeholder feedback. Our user-friendly interface simplifies form creation, regardless of your technical expertise. Streamline data collection and improve project monitoring with our user-friendly design, guaranteeing efficient management of WASH initiatives.

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Analyze Your Data

Harness the robust data analysis tool provided by OnSpace to unveil patterns, trends, and associations in your WASH project data. Convert raw data into actionable insights using advanced visualization tools such as charts, graphs, maps, and scorecards. This data-centric approach reinforces your decision-making process, elevating the impact of your water sanitation and hygiene initiatives.

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Real-time Collaboration With Your Teams

Optimize the organization and productivity of your WASH team by centralizing discussions and data. Enhance work discussions by integrating text messaging into your forms, ensuring clear and efficient communication in daily operations. Keep your team promptly informed about incoming data by displaying each form submission in the chat screen, fostering synchronized communication and coordination on water sanitation and hygiene activities.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

I was frustrated with the complexity of my previous interactions with M&E tools, but OnSpace has transformed my workflow. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive data management capabilities, and insightful data visualization features have made me a more effective M&E specialist. I can now focus on what I do best: providing the data-driven insights that drive successful projects.

Mohamed Gharib
Monitoring & Evaluation Expert

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