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"I long for a simple and efficient change order management software"

Change order management is paramount in the dynamic landscape of construction projects. As a construction manager, navigating changes in design specifications, site conditions and client requests are essential for project success. However, traditional methods of change order management, relying on paperwork and complex systems, often lead to inefficiencies and errors, hindering project progress and jeopardizing budgets.


OnSpace presents a simple solution to streamline change order management in construction projects. The user-friendly change order management software simplifies the entire process of initiating, tracking, and implementing changes, ensuring projects stay on course and within budget constraints. OnSpace provides customizable change order forms tailored for capturing change requests quickly and accurately. These change order forms simplify the task of outlining proposed changes, evaluating their impact on schedules and finances, and facilitating approvals all within one convenient platform!

"I need a comprehensive change order reporting tool"

In construction projects, maintaining comprehensive change order reporting is crucial for effective change order management. However, traditional methods often fall short in providing detailed and accurate documentation of change orders, leading to confusion and delays in project execution. Without clear and thorough reporting, stakeholders may struggle to track the status of change requests, analyze trends, and make informed decisions regarding construction changes.


OnSpace streamlines change order reporting in construction by providing a centralized platform for comprehensive documentation and analysis. This user-friendly change order management software enables project stakeholders to generate comprehensive reports on change orders effortlessly. The reports provide detailed insights into the status of pending change requests, approved changes, and their respective impacts on project schedules and budgets. Additionally, the construction change order management software facilitates trend analysis, allowing project stakeholders to identify patterns in project changes over time. By analyzing historical data, construction managers can gain valuable insights into the factors influencing change, enabling them to proactively manage risks and optimize project workflows.

"I need a change order management software with real-time collaboration"

Lack of real-time communication between project stakeholders (like the owner, contractor, architect and subcontractors) is always a big problem. It means they can't talk to each other right away. This causes issues because they might not understand changes in the plan, how much they cost, or when they need to be done. Plus, if they don't have clear and detailed documents for changes, it's hard to keep track of what's been approved and what's still in progress. This can lead to arguments and make it tough to move the project forward smoothly.


The OnSpace construction change order management software seamlessly integrates real-time chat functionality, enabling effective communication among project stakeholders. Teams can discuss change requests, obtain approvals, and address concerns in real-time, fostering collaboration and alignment.

Who is it for?

Project Managers
Architects and Engineers
Project Owners

Why use OnSpace

Real-time Construction Change Management Solution
Customization for Specific Needs
Centralized Data Management
Insightful Reporting
Workflow and Approval Automation
Offline Capabilities on Mobile
Collaboration with Real-time Chat


Designed to enhance and oversee your change order processes, these features empower you to
efficiently handle change order management and produce informative reports.

Custom Form Builder

Create personalized change order forms effortlessly with the simple form builder provided by OnSpace. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily capture data even when offline, guaranteeing seamless change order management. Eliminate the tedious task of manually managing change orders and save valuable time and resources.

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Daily Site Progress Tracker Form

Set Change Reminders

Ensure that change order requests are closely monitored, prioritize timely completion, efficiently handle construction schedules, and avoid overlooking important change orders by implementing reminders within the change order forms. By including these reminders in your change order forms, not only will you improve project efficiency, but you will also guarantee that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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OnSpace reminders feature on phone

Communication in Real-Time

Enhance communication efficiency in your change order management process with OnSpace's simple construction change order management software for communication and data sharing. Our integrated chat feature, seamlessly accessible within your change order forms, fosters collaboration and simplifies communication channels. This facilitates instant discussions and clarifications, ensuring timely change approvals for changes as they arise between stakeholders.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

Analyze Your Data

Unlock hidden insights and trends in your change order management with OnSpace's user-friendly data analysis tools and visual charts. Say farewell to outdated spreadsheets, complex software and embrace crystal-clear, visual insights. Streamline your change order management process by efficiently monitoring detailed reports, gaining actionable insights, and making informed decisions quickly.

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Visualize and analyze your data

OnSpace has revolutionized how I handle project changes. Its simple interface and features have enabled me to track and manage changes efficiently, ensuring smooth project execution and client satisfaction.

Daniel James
Construction Manager

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