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Problems We Solve

"I handle my construction operations manually and it’s inefficient."

As a construction manager responsible for overseeing large projects, managing a vast workforce can be overwhelming. Traditionally, this has been done using paperwork, spreadsheets, and complex software systems. However, relying on these methods not only consumes valuable time but also poses a significant risk of errors when it comes to construction labor management. The complexity involved often results in disorganized workforce management, ultimately hindering overall efficiency. This delicate balancing act introduces inefficiencies in the management of construction workforces, impeding timely completion of projects and increasing the likelihood of errors when preparing reports.


OnSpace revolutionizes construction labor management for supervisors who are burdened with manual processes. Handling extensive projects? OnSpace eliminates the need for outdated paper methods and offers a seamless construction workforce management software that lets you concentrate on what really counts. The user-friendly interface reduces the time-consuming obstacles in managing construction labor, allowing supervisors to easily manage multiple work sites without being overwhelmed by paperwork.

"I need a tool to streamline time tracking, scheduling and manage staff more efficiently."

For effective construction project management, construction managers need a user-friendly construction labor management system that can efficiently organize, schedule, and send reminders to their on-site teams. Without such a streamlined system in place, the lack of proper task and schedule management can lead to chaos and increase the chances of crucial activities being overlooked on the project checklist. Having an easy-to-use solution is essential as it boosts the morale and productivity of on-site teams, ensuring that construction work schedules are successfully completed.


OnSpace integrates reminders into the construction labor management software which enhances the proactive nature of on-site construction services. Reminders are particularly essential when creating employee schedules based on qualifications and availability, along with shift instructions to guarantee that every worker understands their responsibilities while on-site. Thanks to GPS-supported check-ins, Site supervisors can easily track staff progress to ensure that they clock in and out from the appropriate job sites. This comprehensive approach significantly enhances the overall efficiency of construction project workflows, guaranteeing satisfactory and timely completion of tasks.

"I need a simple and insightful tool to optimize construction operations with real time reports."

Efficiently managing construction projects can be quite challenging without a simple and informative reporting tool. Construction managers often face difficulties when it comes to handling expense reports, labor costs and workers' hours, which can impede their ability to make timely decisions in labor management on a daily basis. Without an easily accessible tool, managing reports in the construction business becomes a time-consuming and complex task, ultimately resulting in delays in important decision-making processes. This emphasizes the importance for construction managers to have quick insights for effective construction labor management within the industry.


OnSpaces' construction labor management software operates seamlessly, delivering highly informative reports accessible directly from the labor forms with a simple click on the analytics dashboard. The reports within the labor forms feature interactive charts which facilitate in-depth analysis and ensure smooth decision-making while enhancing efficiency through real-time data. These integrated reports crucial for managing labor costs and payments, tracking project progress, monitoring workers' hours, and much more. This in turn ensure that projects are always on schedule and within budget.

"I need a platform with real-time chat for smooth collaboration and communication."

Smooth collaboration and communication between the on-site team and the office in construction workforce management is hindered by the absence of a user-friendly platform with live chat features. This lack of a dedicated solution leads to communication breakdowns, disrupting the workflow and prolonging the resolution of construction workforce management issues. To address these challenges, it is crucial to implement a platform that includes live chat features. Construction Managers and labourers alike require a platform that enables instant updates, real-time communication, and swift collaboration for addressing construction-related issues.


OnSpace's construction workforce management forms seamlessly integrate chat functionality, effectively bridging the communication gap between the construction site and the office for real-time updates. OnSpace allows on-site workers to effortlessly communicate potential issues and report project status directly within the construction labor forms. The OnSpace construction management tool provides a comprehensive solution to streamline communication, issue reporting, and attendance monitoring in the field of construction workforce management.

Who is it for?

Construction Managers
Site supervisors
Project Managers
Project Owners
Human Resources Personnel
Finance and Accounting Teams

Why use OnSpace

Manage and Schedule Tasks
Real-time Communication
Streamlined Operations
Simple Customizable Checklists
Real-time Monitoring
Reports for Data-Driven Decision-Making
Reminders to Maintain Schedules
Project Completion on Time and Within Budget


Custom built functionalities for effective construction labor management
and generation of informative reports.

Custom Form Builder

Effortlessly create custom construction work schedules with OnSpace's user-friendly form builder. Capture data on the go, even without internet access, using the app's offline forms. This guarantees efficient construction labor management while eliminating tedious manual data entry, saving valuable time and resources. The straightforward interface simplifies the creation and completion of construction work schedules, regardless of your technical proficiency.

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Daily Site Progress Tracker Form

Set Task Reminders

Stay on top of construction work schedules, guarantee punctual completion, manage construction labor effectively, and avoid overlooking key milestones through the establishment and reception of reminders integrated into the construction labor management software. By incorporating these reminders into your labor management, not only do you enhance operational efficiency, but you also secure timely task completion, actively contributing to the overall success construction projects.

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OnSpace reminders feature on phone

Communication in Real-Time

Enhance communication and streamline operations in your construction workforce with OnSpace's comprehensive platform for work communication and data sharing. Our construction workforce management software seamlessly integrates chat functionality, fostering team cohesion and simplifying communication processes. OnSpace’s construction labor management software facilitates instant conversations and clarifications, ensuring smooth management of adjustments as they arise between the office, supervisors, and laborers.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

Analyze Your Data

Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your construction workforce reports with OnSpace's user-friendly data analysis and visual charts. No more dealing with complicated spreadsheets - say hello to clear, visual insights. Stay on top of your construction work schedule by closely monitoring employee activities, identifying areas for improvement, and making informed decisions backed by data analysis with OnSpace’s construction workforce management software.

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Visualize and analyze your data

Thanks to OnSpace, our project timelines have become more efficient and coordinating the workforce is now sleek. It's a game-changer for construction labor management!

Daniel James
Construction Manager

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