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Analyze your data visually to uncover insights and make informed business decisions in real-time.

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Boost Team Productivity with Engagement Report

Visualize engagement report and track form usage with ease. Stay on top of your team's progress and monitor performance using our comprehensive engagement tracking report.

Engagement Report

Visualize to See Patterns and Trends

Easily identify patterns, trends, and relationships in your data with our user-friendly visualization feature. Communicate your insights effectively with charts, graphs, maps, pivot tables, and scorecards.

Vizualize Charts

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of visualizations are available in the tool?

Our tool provides a wide range of visualizations to help you make sense of your data. Some of the types of visualizations available in the tool include bar charts, pie charts, google maps, pivot tables, and scorecards.

Can I import my own data to create visualizations?

Yes, you can import your data to a new form or an existing one and we will generate the initial visualizations.

Can I customize the reports?

Yes, you can tailor the reports to your specific needs.

How often are the reports updated?

The reports are updated instantly as new data is submitted to ensure real-time decision making.

How do I share my visualizations with others?

You can choose to share them in several ways, including:

  1. Exporting them as image files or PDFs to include in a presentation or report.
  2. Sharing a link to the visualization via email, social media, or a messaging app.
  3. Granting other users access to the visualization by sharing the dashboard or project where it is located.
  4. Embedding them in a web page or blog post using our embed code feature.

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