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A Range of Input Fields

OnSpace form builder offers all the essential input field types used in database systems, including date, number, email, phone text, dropdown, checkboxes, images, documents, and many more.

Form Input Types

Connect Forms that are Related

Linking related forms allows you to access data across multiple forms. For example, by linking a customer information form with a customer orders form, you can quickly determine which orders are associated with each customer.

Learn about relation field
Form Relationship

Capture GPS Coordinates with a simple tap

By capturing GPS locations with a simple tap, users can precisely share the location of where their form is submitted. This feature enhances accuracy in location data, ensuring reliable information for every submission.

Learn about gps location field
GPS Location Input Field

Forms with Calculation Fields

Add math formulas to your forms, enabling calculations like sums, averages, or even time and date differences—think calculating days between dates or hours and minutes between times. Simplify your number-crunching tasks directly within any form, saving you the hassle and making data handling a breeze.

Learn about calculation field
Calculation Formula Input Field

Score your Form Responses

Assign specific score values to responses given through dropdowns and checkboxes. Ideal for creating dynamic assessments such as quizzes, surveys, or even vehicle valuations where each answer has a quantifiable value.

Learn about scoring system
Scoring System: Vehicle Valuation Example

Create Engaging Surveys

An input field for surveys and questionnaires that allows you to set up a grid layout where respondents can select one answer per row. A better way to collect structured, comparative data efficiently.

Learn about multiple choice grid questions
Survey Questions

Collect more Data with Subforms

Subforms is a form within a form that allows you to handle multifaceted data entry like invoicing, itemizations, and more. You can easily create and manage records that require multiple entries, such as invoices, where each line item needs to be captured distinctly.

Learn about subform
Sub Forms

Streamline Your Approval Workflows

Action buttons is an input type that is designed to bring efficiency and speed to your internal approval processes. It’s a customizable action triggers that can be added directly to your forms. They allow designated team members to make quick decisions with a simple click, directly within a record.

Learn about action buttons
Action Buttons

Forms with Unique ID Generation

Introduce custom unique identifiers to your forms, allowing for the creation of distinctive ID fields like customer numbers, tracking numbers, delivery numbers, or invoice numbers. This feature simplifies the process of organizing and identifying form entries.

Learn about unique ID
Skip Logic

Customize Data Collection with Skip Logic

Skip Logic is a feature that makes forms easier to use by showing different questions based on what the user answers. It helps collect better and more specific data by only asking questions that are needed. This makes filling out forms faster and easier for users and helps get more accurate information. It's very useful for things like surveys and sign-up forms, where it's important to understand what different people think or need.

Learn about skip logic
Skip Logic

Share a Form Publicly

Make a form public to collect data from external users or customers. This can be useful for things like contact forms, surveys, feedback forms, and online ordering forms.

Learn about public form
Sharing Form Publicly

Works Offline

Submit and edit forms even without internet connectivity on your mobile app. Ideal for situations with unstable connections, rural locations or remote locations, ensuring your data collection on mobile continues seamlessly whether you are online or offline.

Online and Offline Modes

Form templates

You can easily create forms using our variety of templates. Our form templates are organized by industry and business functions use cases, so you can quickly find one that fits your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a form builder?

OnSpace form builder is a no-code software tool that allows users to easily create digital forms without the need for coding or programming skills. OnSpace form builder provides a user-friendly interface with pre-built form templates where users can customize forms by adding various input fields such as text fields, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more. OnSpace form builder can be used in business, website development, and data collection processes to streamline the creation of online and offline forms, making it accessible to users with diverse technical backgrounds.

How do I create a new form?


  1. On your home screen select the 'Create Form' Option.
  2. Once on the 'Create Form' page
    1. Specify the name of your Form as indicated
    2. Add a description which tells the user about the form and what it does. Make this as brief and clear as possible.
    3. Select the type of input field you would want include in your form, for instance; Text, Number, GPS, Dropdown, relational or checkbox. Remember to 'Save' after you have finished. Remember you can choose weather your field is a mandatory field, or if you would like it to be editable later by the user/team member
    4. Preview your form by selecting the 'Preview' button next to the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page
    5. Ensure the appreance and sequence of the fields are to your requirements and select 'Save' after previewing.


  1. Sign in to OnSpace and go to 'create a form' by selecting the '+' sign on the top RHS of your screen.
  2. Name your form (e.g. contact form, registration form, survey form).
  3. Add the necessary fields to the form (e.g. name, email, phone number), OnSpace provides various input options that are specific to the type of data you want to collect through your form.
  4. Edit your forms layout and input sequence by arranging the order in which you require the forms input fields to be filled.
  5. Test the form to make sure it's working correctly - once inside your folder e.g. 'Contact Form' you can post a form by selecting the form icon at the bottom RHS of your screen, next to the 'Send' icon. Once you select the form icon you will be take to a view of the form you created, here you will be able to add data to the input fields. Once you have completed filling in the form you can post it to the folder by selecting the 'Submit' button on the top RHS of your screen.
How do I add or remove fields from my form?


  1. On your home page select the folder where your form is.
  2. Select the form you wish to edit.
  3. Next to each field in the form you can select the three dots (...) to edit the field in your form, you will also see options here for hiding your form.
  4. You can decide the order of each field by long pressing the input in the edit page of the form and drag it to where you wish it to appear.


  1. Go to any of your forms under your account.
  2. On web, locate the gear settings icon and click it to open the settings dialog and on mobile, locate the 3 dots icon and tap it to access the options, then tap settings.
  3. To edit the form, click or tap "Edit Form".
  4. To add a new field, click on the "+ input field" button and select the field type you want to add (e.g. text box, dropdown, checkbox). You can then customize the field label, options, and other properties as needed.
  5. To remove a field, locate the field you want to remove in the "Fields" section and click or tap the 3 dots icon then select the "Hide input" option from the menu. All hidden fields wont show on the form.
What is the limit on the number of users I can add to a form?

  1. There is no limit to the number of users you can invite to use a form. You can add as many users as you need at no extra cost, depending on the purpose and scope of the form.
What are the benefits of using a digital form builder?

One of the greatest advantages of using a digital form builder like OnSpace is its ease of use. The user-friendly interface, combined with a range of customization options, saves time, and simplifies the process of creating forms. This ensures that individuals with varying levels of expertise can effortlessly create customized forms without the need for coding knowledge. Overall, OnSpace's digital form builder capabilities contribute to a more streamlined and efficient workflow, enhancing the overall user experience.

How much does OnSpace form builder cost?

OnSpace form builder offers a variety of packages tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business. Whether you are an individual or part of a small team, we have a free package that allows unlimited users and forms. If you're looking for additional features and support, our starter package is available at just $69.99. For larger organizations with more complex needs, our enterprise package is priced at $200 per month. Additionally, we offer a customizable Project Based package specifically designed for non-profit development projects.

What are subforms?

A Sub Form is a type of form that is nested within the main form and is designed to handle complex data entry tasks, such as invoicing and itemization. This feature enables users to efficiently manage records that involve multiple entries, such as invoices, where each individual line item must be recorded separately.

How do I use offline forms?

Creating offline forms using OnSpace form builder is a breeze. To get started, simply open the mobile app and select the desired folder where you want to create your form. Next, tap on the three dots located at the top right corner of the screen and choose "create new form". Give your form a name and fill in all the required fields. When you submit the form without an internet connection, it will automatically sync once you are back online. What's more, you can even make edits to any form while offline!

Can I add skip logic to my forms?

Absolutely! With our simple form builder, you can seamlessly implement Skip logic. OnSpace's form creator enables the creation of dynamic forms with skip logic that change based on user entries, providing a personalized and efficient user experience.

Can I create forms in multiple languages?

Currently you cannot create forms in multiple languages with the OnSpace form builder. Once we have that feature, we will notify all our users.

Can I customize the look and feel of my forms?

Yes. OnSpace form builder has a branding feature that enables you to add your organization’s branding onto the form. You can also include as many input fields as you like.

What is a calculation field in digital forms?

A calculation field in digital forms is a feature that allows users to add mathematical formulas directly into the form interface. With this functionality, users can perform dynamic calculations such as sums, averages, or even time and date differences within the form itself. The Calculation field allows automated and accurate results without the need for manual calculations.

How can the calculation field enhance my form?

The calculation field offers versatile functionality, including the ability to:

  1. Perform mathematical expressions using operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses. E.g ((12*43)+23-10)/100.
  2. Calculate date differences to determine the number of days between two date fields.
  3. Determine time differences to calculate the number of hours between 2 time fields.
What kinds of forms can I create with OnSpace form builder?

With the OnSpace form builder, users can create custom business forms or any type of organizational forms. Our form builder covers all industries and users can customize their forms to their specific needs.

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