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With OnSpace Unique ID, automatically assign custom unique identifiers to each form entry, ensuring seamless tracking and organization of your data.

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What is a Unique ID?

A Unique ID is a special input field you can add to your forms that automatically generates a unique identifier for each form submission. This could be a customer number, invoice number, tracking number, or any other identifier you need to track submissions uniquely and efficiently. It's a powerful tool for managing data, eliminating the hassle of manually creating and assigning these identifiers, and ensuring that each entry is easily identifiable and trackable.

Benefits of using OnSpace Unique ID

  1. Ensures Data Uniqueness: Every form submission is assigned a distinct identifier, eliminating any confusion and ensuring that each entry stands out on its own.
  2. Simplifies Record Keeping: With automatic unique IDs, managing records becomes more straightforward, allowing you to easily sort, track, and retrieve data as needed.
  3. Boosts Efficiency: Automating the generation of unique identifiers saves time and reduces the risk of errors, streamlining your workflow and data management processes.
  4. Customizable to Fit Your Needs: Whether you need sequential numbers, prefixed IDs, or any other format, the Unique ID field can be tailored to meet your specific requirements
  5. Enhances Data Integrity: Unique IDs help maintain the integrity of your data by ensuring that each entry is accurately identified and tracked, supporting reliable data analysis and decision-making.
  6. Facilitates Better Organization: Organize your data more effectively with unique identifiers, making it easier to manage large volumes of submissions without confusion.
  7. Improves Customer Service: For customer-facing applications, unique IDs can improve service by providing a straightforward way to reference transactions, inquiries, or any customer interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Unique ID field work?

When you add a Unique ID field to your form, it automatically generates a unique identifier for each submission based on the criteria you set, such as sequential numbers, prefixes, or custom formats.

Can I customize the format of the Unique ID?

Yes, the Unique ID field is highly customizable, allowing you to define the format that best suits your tracking needs, including adding prefixes, or using specific numbering sequences.

Will the Unique ID ever repeat or overlap with another ID?

No, the system is designed to ensure that each ID is unique and will not repeat or overlap, maintaining the uniqueness of every form entry.

Is it possible to start the Unique ID numbering from a specific number?

Absolutely, you can set the starting point for your Unique ID sequence to align with your current records or organizational system.

Can the Unique ID be used for multiple forms?

Yes, you can use Unique IDs across different forms. However, each form can have its setup to ensure identifiers remain unique within the context they are used.

How do Unique IDs improve data management?

By automatically assigning a unique identifier to each submission, Unique IDs make it easier to search, sort, and track entries, enhancing overall data management and accessibility.

Are there any best practices for using Unique IDs in forms?

It's best to define a clear format that suits your organizational needs, consider including date or time stamps for added uniqueness, and ensure the ID format is consistent across related forms for seamless data integration and tracking.

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