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Make your forms smarter with Skip Logic, allowing you to present only relevant questions based on previous answers, enhancing user experience and data quality.

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What is Skip Logic?

Skip Logic is a smart feature in forms that changes the questions users see based on their answers to previous questions. It works with dropdown fields, where selecting a specific answer can hide or skip unrelated questions. This means if your form has multiple dropdowns, you can apply Skip Logic to each, customizing the form journey for every user. It's a fantastic tool for making forms more efficient and focused, ensuring you collect exactly the information you need without overwhelming respondents with unnecessary questions.

Benefits of using OnSpace Skip Logic

  1. Enhances Form Relevance: By only showing questions that relate to each user's responses, Skip Logic ensures that every question on the form is relevant to the person filling it out. This personalization makes the form filling experience smoother and more engaging.
  2. Improves Data Quality: With Skip Logic, you're more likely to get accurate and useful data because users are only answering questions that apply to them. This targeted approach helps in gathering high-quality information that's more actionable and insightful.
  3. Increases Response Rates: Forms that are shorter and more relevant to the individual are less intimidating and time-consuming, which can significantly increase the likelihood of completion.
  4. Reduces Form Abandonment: By eliminating irrelevant questions, Skip Logic keeps users from getting frustrated or overwhelmed, reducing the chances they'll give up on completing the form.
  5. Facilitates Complex Surveys: Skip Logic allows you to build sophisticated forms that can cater to diverse user groups without confusing any single respondent, perfect for detailed surveys and evaluations.
  6. Customizable for Various Needs: Whether you're conducting a survey, gathering feedback, or evaluating a program, Skip Logic can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Skip Logic work in a form?

Skip Logic automatically changes what questions or sections of a form are shown based on how the user answers specific questions. For example, if a user selects "Yes" to a question, they might see a different set of follow-up questions than if they had selected "No".

Can I apply Skip Logic to any type of question?

While Skip Logic is particularly effective with dropdown fields. OnSpace focuses on enabling Skip Logic primarily through dropdown selections to guide the form's flow.

Is it complicated to set up Skip Logic in my forms?

Setting up Skip Logic is straightforward with OnSpace. The platform provides intuitive tools that let you link answers to specific actions, like skipping to a particular question, without needing any coding knowledge.

How does Skip Logic improve my data collection process?

By ensuring that respondents only see questions relevant to them, Skip Logic helps you collect more precise and relevant data. This focused approach not only makes analysis easier but also improves the overall quality of the information you gather.

Can Skip Logic be used in any kind of form?

Yes, Skip Logic is versatile and can be implemented in various types of forms, including surveys, sign-up forms, evaluations, and more. It's particularly useful in forms where understanding diverse user perspectives or needs is important.

What happens if a user goes back and changes an answer that had Skip Logic applied?

If a user goes back and changes their answer, the form will dynamically update to reflect the new path set by the Skip Logic. This ensures that the form remains relevant and accurate to the user’s inputs at all times.

How can Skip Logic enhance the user experience?

By making forms shorter and more relevant, Skip Logic significantly enhances the user experience. Respondents are more engaged when they don’t have to navigate through irrelevant questions, making the process of filling out the form faster and more enjoyable.

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