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Instantly approve, reject, or process requests with our customizable Action Buttons, simplifying your workflow for maximum efficiency.

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What are Action Buttons?

Action Buttons are special buttons you can add to any form that let team members make quick decisions with just a click. They are shortcuts for your workflow, making things like approving leave requests or handling petty cash much faster and easier. By setting up these buttons for specific actions, you can speed up how your team handles approvals, rejections, and other decision-based processes directly within a form.

Benefits of using OnSpace Action Buttons

  1. Streamlines Workflows: OnSpace Action Buttons are designed to cut through the procedural red tape, enabling team members to take immediate actions like approve or reject directly within a form. This direct approach reduces the steps involved in decision-making processes, significantly speeding up workflows and minimizing the time it takes to move tasks forward.
  2. Customizable for Any Process: Whatever your team's specific needs—be it leave requests, expense approvals, or document reviews—Action Buttons can be tailored to fit. You can set up buttons for a wide range of actions, ensuring they align perfectly with your existing processes and making it easier to integrate new workflows as your organization evolves.
  3. Improves Efficiency: By enabling decisions to be made directly within the form interface, Action Buttons drastically reduce the cycle time for approvals and other processes. This efficiency not only accelerates operations but also allows team members to focus on more critical tasks, boosting overall productivity.
  4. Enhances Team Collaboration: Quick and clear decision-making fosters a more collaborative environment. Team members can respond to requests in real-time, ensuring that projects move smoothly and efficiently without unnecessary delays. This immediacy can also improve communication and understanding among team members, as it's clear who is responsible for which decisions.
  5. Reduces Paperwork: The digital nature of Action Buttons means you can significantly cut down on the paper trail typically associated with approvals and requests. This reduction in paperwork not only supports eco-friendly practices but also simplifies record-keeping, making it easier to track decisions and access historical data.
  6. Increases Transparency: With every click, Action Buttons provide a transparent record of who made a decision, when they made it, and what the decision was. This clarity is invaluable for accountability, audit trails, and maintaining the integrity of your processes. It ensures that all actions are traceable and can be reviewed or audited if necessary.
  7. Fosters Accountability: The ability to track decisions back to specific individuals enhances accountability within your team. Knowing that their actions are recorded and part of the formal process encourages team members to make thoughtful, informed decisions. This level of accountability is crucial for maintaining high standards of performance and ensuring that every action taken is in the best interest of the project or organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Action Buttons work within a form?

Action Buttons are integrated into your forms, allowing designated team members to click them to perform specific actions, like approving or rejecting a request, directly within the form.

Can I customize what each Action Button does?

Yes, each button can be customized to perform a specific action that suits your workflow, such as approve, reject, or escalate a request.

Who can use these Action Buttons?

Buttons can be set up for use by designated individuals or roles within your team, ensuring only authorized users can make decisions.

How do Action Buttons improve decision-making speed?

By providing a direct means to approve or reject requests within the form itself, it eliminates delays associated with traditional decision-making channels.

Can Action Buttons be used for any type of form?

Absolutely! They are versatile and can be adapted for use in any form where quick decisions are necessary, such as leave requests or expense approvals.

Is there a record of actions taken using Action Buttons?

Yes, every action taken with a button is logged, creating a transparent record of decisions for accountability and auditing purposes.

How do Action Buttons integrate with existing processes?

They are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current workflows, enhancing them with more efficient decision-making capabilities without disrupting your established processes.

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