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What is a Public Form?

A Public Form is a digital form that you can share with anyone via a public URL. It allows you to collect data from external users or customers directly through a browser. Whether you're looking to gather contact details, conduct surveys, receive feedback, or take online orders, Public Forms make it incredibly easy. With no need for users to log in or register, you can reach a wider audience and get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of using OnSpace Public Form

  1. Widens Your Reach: Share your form with anyone, anywhere, increasing your ability to collect valuable data from a broad audience.
  2. Simplifies Data Collection: By providing a direct link, you remove barriers for users to submit their information, streamlining the collection process.
  3. Versatile Use Cases: From gathering feedback to receiving orders, Public Forms are adaptable to a wide variety of needs, making them suitable for almost any scenario where you need input from outside your organization.
  4. Quick and Easy Sharing: A simple URL is all it takes to share your form, making it incredibly easy to distribute through social media, email, or any other communication channel.
  5. Enhances User Accessibility: With no need for users to sign in or register, Public Forms are more accessible to a wider audience, encouraging higher participation rates.
  6. Increases Engagement: Engage with your customers, users, or community directly, allowing for real-time feedback and interaction.
  7. Secure and Confidential: While accessible to anyone with the link, data submitted through Public Forms is stored securely, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Public Form?

Creating a Public Form with OnSpace is straightforward. Once you’ve designed your form, you simply go to form settings then select the option to make it public, and OnSpace generates a unique URL you can share.

Can I customize the look of my Public Form?

No, OnSpace currently does not allow you to customize your Public Form’s design and layout, we will introduce this feature in the near future for branding or use of specific theme for your form.

Is there a limit to how many responses I can receive?

Depending on your OnSpace plan, there may be different response limits. However, Public Forms are designed to handle a large volume of submissions to meet your data collection needs.

How can I share my Public Form?

Your Public Form can be shared via its unique URL, which you can distribute through email, social media, websites, or any other communication channel you prefer.

What kind of data can I collect with a Public Form?

You can collect a wide range of data, including contact information, survey responses, feedback, and online orders. Public Forms support various field types to accommodate your specific data collection requirements.

How do I ensure the data collected is secure?

OnSpace implements robust security measures to protect the data collected through Public Forms. Access to the form’s data is restricted to authorized users, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

Can I analyze the data collected from my Public Form?

Absolutely! OnSpace provides tools and integrations to analyze the data you collect, allowing you to generate insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on the submissions received.

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