Construction Accident Reporting Form Templates

Published on April 14, 2023
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What is a Construction Accident Report?

A Construction Accident Report is a document used to record and report accidents that occur at construction sites. The report captures essential information about the accident, such as the date, time, location, involved individuals, injury details, and the circumstances surrounding the incident. This information is crucial for understanding the causes of the accident and implementing corrective actions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

What information can be recorded in a Construction Accident Report form?

  1. Date of accident: The date when the accident occurred.
  2. Time of accident: The time when the accident occurred.
  3. Project name: The name of the construction project.
  4. Project number: The unique identifier for the construction project.
  5. Site location: The geographical location of the construction site.
  6. Site supervisor name: The name of the site supervisor responsible for overseeing the activities.
  7. Injured person name: The name of the individual who was injured in the accident.
  8. Injured person job title: The job title of the injured person.
  9. Type of injury: A description of the injury sustained.
  10. Severity of injury: The severity of the injury, categorized as minor, moderate, severe, or fatal.
  11. Description of accident: A detailed description of the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  12. Causes of accident: A description of the factors that contributed to the accident.
  13. Witnesses: Names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident.
  14. First aid administered: A description of any first aid provided to the injured person.
  15. Emergency services called: Whether emergency services were called to the scene of the accident (Yes or No).
  16. Corrective actions: A list of corrective actions taken or planned to prevent similar accidents in the future.
  17. Additional notes: Any additional information or observations that may be relevant to the accident.

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