Construction Daily Activity Tracker Form Templates

Published on April 14, 2023
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What is a Construction Daily Activity Tracker?

A Construction Daily Activity Tracker is a tool used by construction site supervisors and project managers to monitor, record, and analyze the progress of construction projects on a daily basis. It helps track work activities, workforce allocation, task completion, safety observations, and other relevant information, ensuring smooth project execution and effective communication among team members.

What information can be recorded in a Construction Daily Activity Tracker form?

  1. Date: The date of the construction activities being tracked.
  2. Project name: The name of the construction project.
  3. Project number: The unique identifier for the construction project.
  4. Site location: The geographical location of the construction site.
  5. Site supervisor name: The name of the site supervisor responsible for overseeing the activities.
  6. Work activity: A description of the work activities performed on the site.
  7. Start time: The time when the work activities started.
  8. End time: The time when the work activities ended.
  9. Number of workers: The total number of workers involved in the activities.
  10. Completed tasks: A list of tasks that were completed during the day.
  11. Pending tasks: A list of tasks that are still pending or in progress.
  12. Safety observations: Any safety-related observations made during the day.
  13. Issues encountered: A description of any issues or challenges encountered during the day.
  14. Corrective actions: A list of corrective actions taken to address the issues or challenges.
  15. Weather conditions: A description of the weather conditions at the site during the day.
  16. Additional notes: Any additional information or observations that may be relevant to the project.

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