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Problems We Solve

"I oversee construction sites in different locations but managing them is a mess with all the paperwork, spreadsheets, and complicated tools."

As I oversee the progress of several construction sites spread out across various locations, I am constantly faced with the challenges of managing daily operations. Navigating through the intricacies of paperwork, spreadsheets, and complex software introduces inefficiencies into my construction site management. This not only consumes a significant amount of valuable time but also heightens the risk of errors during the daily site management in construction.


OnSpace provides a simple solution for construction site management with customizable forms tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, including effective material management in building construction sites. These forms include various input fields, such as GPS, which facilitates the correct tagging of sites when managing multiple construction projects that are spread out. The feature also enables the monitoring of employees' work shifts through time-stamped GPS check-ins. This assists project managers in efficiently organizing, planning, and tracking project progress to ensure proper work completion. The daily construction jobsite management software excels at handling workflows, managing resources, and maintaining records of construction tools and equipment, ensuring a comprehensive approach to site management in construction.

"I need a simple and insightful construction field reporting tool for real-time Decision-Making."

I use complex tools in my construction field reporting, the absence of a simple and insightful tool hinders real-time decision-making in my daily construction site management. Picture this: site managers grappling in the dark, struggling to make snappy calls throughout the construction phases. Without a streamlined fix, construction field reporting turns into a tedious manual process, slowing down those critical decision-making moments. The need for real-time insights into project progress, effective material management in building construction sites, and sniffing out potential issues is real. What's the remedy? A user-friendly and savvy construction field reporting tool – the missing piece to jazz up construction monitoring and reporting efficiency.


OnSpaces’ construction jobsite management software easily generates insightful reports with just one-click under the analytics dashboard. The reports have built-in data visualization charts and maps for detailed analysis to help in making informed decisions and effective material management in building construction sites. These reports play a crucial role in budgeting efforts and provide essential insights into the progress of construction projects. OnSpaces’ construction field reporting tool simplifies the process of staying informed about various project aspects, empowering decision-makers to analyze data efficiently and streamline on-site construction management. Talk about construction brilliance!

"I need real-time chats for my construction site workforce management to improve collaboration and communication."

In my daily construction site workforce management, the absence of a dedicated platform with real-time chat capabilities hinders seamless collaboration and communication. Picture a scenario where supervisors and the team engage in a game of phone tag while trying to accomplish important tasks. It's akin to solving a puzzle without all the necessary pieces - everything is scattered and disorganized. Without the right tools, effective communication becomes fragmented, negatively affecting the overall workflow and impeding the prompt resolution of issues in on-site construction management. The need for real-time chats to enhance collaboration and communication persists, contributing to inefficiencies in construction site management. Addressing this challenge requires the implementation of a construction site workforce management platform equipped with real-time chat functionalities.


Say goodbye to communication gaps with OnSpace’s construction jobsite management software. Imagine a world where the field and office are seamlessly connected in real-time – no matter where your team is. Construction site workforce management becomes effortless with real-time chats that quickly resolve issues. Workflow automation? Consider it optimized. Project status? Crystal clear. OnSpace doesn't just manage sites; it creates a work environment where everyone's in sync and communication is flawless. Ready for smooth on-site construction management? OnSpace has your back!

Demo Video

Watch this demo video to see how OnSpace can streamline your construction site management operations.

Who is it for?

Construction Project Managers
Construction Site Managers
Site Superintendents
Site Supervisors
Field Engineers
Construction Foreman

Why use OnSpace

Real-time Construction Site Management and Analysis
Customization for Specific Needs
Centralized Data Management
GPS Integration
Insightful Reporting
Workflow and Approval Automation


Designed to enhance and guide your construction site management efforts,
these features facilitate insightful field reporting to enable you
assess project progress and make data-driven decisions.

Custom Form Builder

Effortlessly generate personalized construction site management forms through OnSpace's easy-to-use form builder. Enjoy uninterrupted data collection on the move, even without internet access, thanks to the app's offline features. This guarantees seamless construction site management and eliminates the need for manual data input later, saving you precious time and resources. The user-friendly interface simplifies the creation and completion of construction projects, regardless of your technical skill level.

Learn about form builder
Daily Site Progress Tracker Form

Analyze Your Data

Find hidden patterns and trends in your construction field reports with OnSpace's powerful analysis and data visualization tools. Get rid of confusing spreadsheets and welcome to clear, visual insights. Keep your construction projects on schedule by tracking your site construction, identifying areas for improvement, and making data-driven decisions.

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Visualize and analyze your data

Communication in Real-Time

Enhance team coordination and effectiveness using OnSpace's all-in-one platform for work communication and data sharing. Streamline communication and maintain team cohesion through our built-in chat feature conveniently accessible within your construction forms. This facilitates immediate conversation and clarification, ensuring smooth handling of modifications as they arise. Furthermore, every form submission is seamlessly integrated into the chat, keeping your team promptly updated on the latest construction information and promoting unified decision-making.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

OnSpace helps me organize, plan, and monitor my construction site efficiently and effectively. With real-time chats, customizable checklists, and simple insightful reports, I can now manage my construction site more efficiently and save time.

Daniel James
Construction Manager

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