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Problems We Solve

"I struggle to efficiently manage daily operations due to outdated tools"

As a cleaning manager overseeing multiple service locations, I constantly face the challenges of managing daily operations, which can be quite overwhelming. Balancing paperwork, spreadsheets, and complex software creates inefficiencies in my daily cleaning management. This not only consumes precious time but also heightens the risk of errors during daily cleaning site operations. This complexity often leads to disorganized cleaning inspection checklists, consuming time and elevating the risk of errors. To ensure efficiency and accuracy, cleaning managers often find themselves juggling inspection responsibilities across multiple locations, necessitating thorough preparation of cleaning inspection checklists. However, this delicate balancing act can introduce inefficiencies in cleaning business management, impeding time efficiency and increasing the likelihood of errors in preparing cleaning inspection checklists and reports.


OnSpace simplifies cleaning services through customizable cleaning business checklists tailor-made to fit the unique needs of each project. These checklists feature various input fields for effortless tracking of supplies and equipment, streamlined site tagging for easy oversight, and staff progress monitoring via GPS-backed check-ins. The daily cleaning business checklists excels in handling workflows, managing resources, and maintaining comprehensive records of cleaning tools and equipment, ensuring efficient site management in the cleaning business. The adaptable nature of these cleaning business checklists enhances their utility in addressing specific project requirements.

"I need a simple tool with real time reporting to optimize cleaning operations."

When it comes to running a cleaning business smoothly, dealing with complicated tools for cleaning reports can be a real headache. Not having an easy and informative reporting tool makes it tough for cleaning managers to make quick decisions in their daily cleaning service management. The lack of a straightforward tool creates issues in making on-the-spot decisions during various cleaning phases. Without a handy solution, reporting in the cleaning business turns into a time-consuming and tricky job, causing delays in crucial decision-making. It just goes to show, cleaning managers are in need of quick insights for better cleaning business management.


OnSpaces' cleaning business management tool works like a charm, providing super-informative reports that you can access right from the cleaning forms with just a single click on the analytics dashboard. The reports within the cleaning forms come with cool interactive charts and maps for digging deep into the details, making decision-making smooth, and boosting efficiency with real-time data. These integrated reports are invaluable for planning, budgeting and gaining crucial insights into the current status of cleaning tasks without navigating away from the cleaning forms.

"I need a cleaning business management platform with real-time chats."

In my day-to-day cleaning business management, the absence of a user-friendly platform with live chat features hinders seamless collaboration and communication between the field team and the office. It's a real headache for supervisors and team members who need instant connectivity to report any hiccups and coordinate effectively. Without a dedicated fix, communication turns into shambles, messing with the workflow, and dragging out the resolution of cleaning business management problems.


OnSpace's cleaning business forms seamlessly integrate chat features, effectively bridging the gap between field and office for real-time updates. This innovative enhancement allows cleaners to effortlessly disclose potential issues and report supply status directly within the cleaning forms. The OnSpace cleaning management tool also facilitates clocking in and out, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline communication, issue reporting, and keeping tabs on attendance in field cleaning business management.

"I need a simple cleaning business management tool for scheduling and sending reminders."

Cleaning managers need a simple cleaning business management system that can seamlessly organize, schedule, and send reminders to their field teams. Without this efficient system, managing tasks and schedules becomes a disorganized nightmare, disrupting the flow and increasing the risk of overlooking crucial tasks on the cleaning business checklist. Having a user-friendly lifesaver is key as it boosts the morale and productivity of field teams, ensuring successful task completion in cleaning business management.


Incorporating reminders into the OnSpace cleaning business management tool introduces a proactive dimension to cleaning services on-site. This functionality empowers users to set up and receive reminders within the cleaning business forms for essential tasks, guaranteeing timely completion, stick to schedules, and preventing the oversight of crucial milestones. The inclusion of reminders plays a substantial role in enhancing the overall efficiency of cleaning project workflows, ensuring satisfactory and on time completion of tasks.

Who is it for?

Cleaning Businesses
Cleaning Managers
Property Owners and Managers
Facility Managers
Event Planners
Healthcare Facilities
Educational Institutions

Why use OnSpace

Manage and schedule Tasks
Real-time Communication
Streamlined Operations
Simple Customizable Checklists
Real-time Monitoring
Reports for Data-Driven Decision-Making
Reminders to ensure deadlines are met


Tailored with the aim of improving and managing your cleaning business, these functionalities empower you
to handle the daily progress of your cleaning business and generate informative reports.

Custom Form Builder

Easily create custom cleaning business forms with OnSpace's user-friendly form builder. Capture data on the go, even without internet access, using the app's offline forms. This ensures smooth cleaning business management and eliminates the need for later manual data input, saving you time and resources. The simple interface makes it easy to create and complete cleaning business checklists, regardless of your technical expertise.

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Truck Registration Form

Set Task Reminders

Stay on top of essential cleaning tasks, guarantee punctual completion, manage cleaning schedules effectively, and avoid overlooking key milestones through the establishment and reception of reminders integrated into the cleaning business forms. By incorporating these reminders into your cleaning service management, not only do you enhance operational efficiency, but you also secure thorough task completion, actively contributing to the overall success of your cleaning services.

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OnSpace reminders feature on phone

Analyze Your Data

Uncover hidden patterns and trends in your cleaning reports with OnSpace's easy-to-use data analysis and visual charts. Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and welcome clear, visual insights. Keep your cleaning business on track by monitoring site activities, finding areas for improvement, and making well informed decisions based on data analysis.

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OnSpace data visualization feature

Communication in Real-Time

Streamline and improve communication within your cleaning business with OnSpace's all-inclusive platform for work communication and data sharing. Our integrated chat feature, conveniently accessible within your cleaning business forms, promotes team unity, and simplifies communication processes. This enables instant conversations and clarifications, ensuring seamless management of adjustments as they occur between the office, supervisors, and janitors.

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OnSpace chat screen in a form

I am now able to streamline and enhance the organization, planning, and monitoring of my cleaning business operations. I can now effectively manage my cleaning services and save precious time.

Jessica Martinez
Operations Manager for Commercial Cleaning

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