Cleaning Supplies Requests Form Templates

Published on April 29, 2023
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What is a Cleaning Supplies Requests form?

A Cleaning Supplies Requests form is a document used by cleaning service providers or facility managers to request necessary cleaning supplies for a specific location. This form helps ensure that adequate cleaning supplies are available to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.

What information can be recorded in a Cleaning Supplies Requests form?

  1. Date of Request: The date when the cleaning supplies request is made.
  2. Items Needed: A dropdown list of cleaning supplies needed, such as "Toilet Paper," "Hand Paper Towel," "Hand Soap," "Toilet Balls/Urinal Mats," "Sanitizer," "Sani-Bins," and "Air Freshener."
  3. Quantity: The number of items required for each cleaning supply.
  4. Location: The GPS location where the cleaning supplies are needed.

Benefits of using a Cleaning Supplies Requests form

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