Cleaning Checklist

Published on April 29, 2023
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What is a Cleaning Checklist form?

A Cleaning Checklist form is a document used by cleaning service providers or facility managers to plan, schedule, and track cleaning tasks. This form helps to ensure that all necessary cleaning tasks are assigned to appropriate employees, completed on time, and properly documented.

What information can be recorded in a Cleaning Checklist form?

  1. Task Name: A description of the specific cleaning task to be performed.
  2. Area: The area or location where the cleaning task should be performed.
  3. Frequency: How often the cleaning task should be performed, such as "Once," "Daily," "Weekly," "Bi-weekly," or "Monthly."
  4. Assigned Employee: The name of the employee responsible for completing the cleaning task.
  5. Tasks Completed: A list of checkboxes indicating which cleaning tasks have been completed.
  6. Location: The GPS location of the cleaning site.
  7. Pictures as evidence: An option to upload images as evidence that the cleaning task has been completed.

Benefits of using a Cleaning Checklist form

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