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and insightful analysis, accessible to experts and novices alike.

Problems We Solve

"I wish there was a user-friendly tool that could help me monitor and evaluate projects more effectively."

Many monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists have struggled with the complexity of traditional M&E tools, such as ODK and Kobo Collect, which often demand technical expertise to set up and manage. Moreover, they lack data visualization and analysis features, often necessitating integration with additional data analysis tools.

Solution: OnSpace emerges as a user-friendly solution tailored for M&E specialists, eliminating the need for technical expertise. With the intuitive design and interface, OnSpace streamlines form creation, progress tracking, and data analysis within a single tool. Our online form builder and survey creator empowers users to easily customize forms, making it the most accessible and efficient M&E tool for specialists.

"I need a system that accurately measures our project's impact in real-time and facilitates informed, effective decision-making"

Project managers and staff members often face challenges in effectively measuring the impact of their projects and making informed decisions. This difficulty not only affects project execution but also makes it challenging to demonstrate their effectiveness to donors and stakeholders.

Solution: OnSpace's comprehensive reporting tools not only enable you to analyze project data and generate meaningful insights but also support strategic decision- making. Track key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and measure the impact of your projects on the communities you serve. Our user-friendly online form builder lets you effortlessly create online forms and questionnaires for data collection from beneficiaries, staff, and partners. This empowers you with the information needed not just for impact assessment, but also for making well-informed decisions that guide your projects' direction and strategy.

"I'm using multiple tools to manage and evaluate projects, and it's inefficient."

Many monitoring and Evaluation practitioners rely on a patchwork of tools to manage and evaluate projects, including spreadsheets, databases, and standalone applications. This fragmented approach can be inefficient and lead to data silos.

Solution: OnSpace consolidates all your project management and evaluation needs into one centralized platform. Capture data with our survey maker, track progress in real-time, analyze results, and generate reports all within OnSpace. Our online questionnaire builder allows you to create online forms for any type of data collection, making it the easiest form builder for managing and evaluating complex projects.

Demo Video

Watch this demo video to see how OnSpace can empower your projects with our
All-in-one Management and Evaluation tool.

Who is it for?

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
Project Managers
Impact Assessment practitioners
Performance Measurement Analysts
Research and Evaluation Specialists

Why use OnSpace

Easy survey maker & online questionnaire builder
Comprehensive Data Analysis Tool
Easiest Data Collection tool
User-Friendly Interface
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Enhanced Accountability


These features are designed to enhance and guide your monitoring and evaluation (M&E) endeavours.
They facilitate the generation of insightful reports to assess project impact and direct data-driven decision-making.
This data is crucial for demonstrating your impact to both donors and stakeholders.

Custom Form Builder

Effortlessly establish personalized data collection forms using our user-friendly data collection tool. This tool empowers you to capture project data, monitor progress, and gather stakeholder feedback. With our simple interface and intuitive design, creating forms tailored to your specific needs becomes straightforward, regardless of your technical expertise.

Learn about form builder
OnSpace custom form

Analyze Your Data

Identify patterns, trends, and connections in your project data with OnSpace's robust data analysis tool. Convert raw data into meaningful insights using advanced visualization tools such as charts, graphs, maps, and scorecards. This data-driven approach enhances your decision-making process, amplifying the efficacy of your M&E processes.

Learn about analytics
OnSpace reminders feature on phone

Real-time Collaboration With Your Teams

Centralize work conversations and data for increased organization and productivity within your team. Ensure the organization of work discussions by integrating text messaging within your forms, maintaining clarity and efficiency in daily workflows. Keep your team instantly informed about incoming work data by showcasing each form submission in the chat screen, promoting streamlined communication and synchronization on operational activities.

Learn about team chat
OnSpace chat screen in a form

I was frustrated with the complexity of my previous interactions with M&E tools, but OnSpace has transformed my workflow. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive data management capabilities, and insightful data visualization features have made me a more effective M&E specialist. I can now focus on what I do best: providing the data-driven insights that drive successful projects.

Mohamed Gharib
Monitoring & Evaluation Expert

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