Technical Support Request Form Templates

Published on May 3, 2023
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What is a Technical Support Request form?

A Technical Support Request form is a document used by individuals or organizations to report issues with their devices, equipment, or software and request assistance from technical support teams or service providers. The form helps in tracking and managing support requests, allowing support teams to prioritize and resolve issues efficiently.

What information can be recorded in a Technical Support Request form?

  1. Date of request: The date on which the support request is submitted.
  2. Device serial number: The unique serial number of the affected device or equipment.
  3. Device name: The name or model of the affected device or equipment.
  4. Device location: The physical location of the device within the organization or facility.
  5. Problem description: A detailed description of the issue being experienced.
  6. Request by: The name of the person submitting the support request.
  7. Pictures: Images of the affected device, equipment, or any visual representation of the issue, if applicable.

Benefits of using a Technical Support Request form

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