Simplify Your Field Work Employee Attendance Management Using OnSpace

Published on March 23, 2023
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For any organization, managing employee attendance can be a burden, but organizations with field workers may find it particularly challenging. It's critical to have an effective system in place to track attendance and guarantee that workers are reporting for work on time. OnSpace steps in at this point. A no-code platform called OnSpace can be used to develop an internal business solution for tracking staff attendance while outdoor activities.

Create a custom form for tracking employee attendance.

Making a custom form is the first step in using OnSpace to develop an internal business solution for tracking employee attendance for field operations. This form will be used to record crucial attendance information, including;

  1. Name of employee
  2. Employee identification number
  3. Date
  4. Time In
  5. Time Out
  6. GPS Location

Add your field employees to the form

Once the custom form has been created, you can add your field employees to submit their attendance.

Use analytics to understand your employees attendance behaviours

Using OnSpace to control staff attendance has a number of advantages, one of which is the ability to analyze form data. You may learn more about staff attendance trends and spot any problems by examining the attendance data gathered in the custom form.

The analytics feature integrated with OnSpace make it simple to create reports on employee attendance, including;

  1. An employee's attendance
  2. Location-based attendance
  3. Attendance by time period

You may use these reports to make data-driven decisions about how to increase staff attendance and to spot any patterns or trends in employee attendance.


Organizations with fieldworkers may find it difficult to manage employee attendance. But, you can create an internal business solution that simplifies the attendance tracking process and offers insightful data on employee attendance patterns by utilizing a no-code platform like OnSpace.

OnSpace is an effective tool that may assist businesses of all sizes in managing employee attendance and ensuring that their field workers arrive on time and are productive.

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