How to Tame Poor Planning and Scheduling in Construction

Published on May 30, 2024
construction project planning and scheduling
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Optimizing construction project planning and scheduling.

Achieving success in a construction project depends on thorough and effective planning. Without it, even the best-funded and expertly staffed projects can face costly delays, safety issues, and budget overruns. Poor construction planning can cause many problems, from substandard projects to missed deadlines and increased expenses.

Imagine a scenario where a construction project stops because important materials weren’t ordered on time, or tasks are delayed because team members weren’t properly informed of their responsibilities. These issues can quickly turn a good project into a logistical nightmare.

In this blog, we will look at the effects of poor construction planning, learn how OnSpace can help you avoid these issues, and share tips for effective construction planning.

Effects of Poor construction project planning and scheduling

  1. Project Delays: Poor construction planning often results in project delays. When planning is not done properly, numerous issues can arise that slow down the project. For instance, without a proper timeline for ordering materials, supplies may not arrive on time, causing delays. Additionally, if the project schedule is not clear, workers might not know what to do and when to do it. This can lead to tasks being completed out of order or not at all. Furthermore, without a good plan, there can be conflicts and misunderstandings among team members about who is responsible for what. These issues can pile up, causing the project to fall behind schedule and take longer to complete than expected. Such delays not only push back the entire project timeline but also increase costs, strain resources, and potentially damage client relationships. In worst-case scenarios, persistent delays can lead to contract penalties and loss of future business opportunities.
  2. Rushed Work and Quality Issues: Poorly planned construction projects often result in rushed work and issues with quality. If the project is running behind schedule because of bad planning, workers might have to hurry to finish tasks quickly. Rushing can cause mistakes, as there isn't enough time to do the job carefully and accurately. This can result in poor-quality work, with structures or finishes that don't meet the required standards. Over time, these quality issues can lead to more problems, such as needing repairs or even posing safety risks.
  3. Insufficient Allocation of Resources: When construction project planning is not done well, it can lead to scarcity of resources, such as materials, equipment, and manpower, at crucial moments. If resources are not properly allocated, workers might run out of essential materials or equipment, causing delays while waiting for replacements. Moreover, there might be times when there is insufficient workforce on-site to complete tasks efficiently. This can slow down the entire project, increase costs, and create a stressful working environment.
  4. Health & Safety: Inadequate construction planning can lead to serious health and safety problems. When planning is not thorough, safety procedures might be overlooked, and workers may not have the proper equipment or training. This can result in accidents and injuries on the construction site. For example, if safety measures are not clearly communicated, workers might not wear the necessary protective gear or follow safe practices. Additionally, a disorganized site can create hazardous conditions, such as unstable structures or exposed electrical wires.
  5. Idle Periods and Low Morale: Poor construction planning can lead to periods where workers have nothing to do because materials haven't arrived or tasks haven't been scheduled properly. When workers are idle, they can become frustrated and lose motivation. This drop in morale can affect the overall productivity and quality of the work. For example, when workers expect a smooth workflow but face unexpected downtimes, they might begin to disengage from their tasks. This disengagement can result in a loss of focus and attention to detail, leading to errors when work resumes. Furthermore, prolonged inactivity can lead to a lack of continuity in the project, as workers need to repeatedly get back up to speed after each delay.

OnSpace: Your Project Management Lifeline

Here's how OnSpace can help you effectively oversee your project by ensuring proper planning and scheduling:

  1. Collaboration: OnSpace facilitates real-time collaboration and communication among team members, contractors, and stakeholders, ensuring smooth interactions and instant status updates. With features like chat and document sharing, users can easily discuss project details, seek clarification, and share important files instantly within a form. OnSpace eliminates the need for constant phone calls and emails, as all changes are immediately communicated through the platform, with real-time alerts notifying all users. This promotes better coordination, prevents misunderstandings, and enhances overall project efficiency by keeping everyone informed and aligned throughout the construction process.
  2. Progress Tracking & Reporting: OnSpace allows users to track project progress and generate reports, making it easy to monitor advancement and identify any challenges. Contractors can benefit from automated reports that provide detailed insights into the project's status, including costs, updates, and changes as they occur. This keeps them informed about ongoing tasks and upcoming deadlines. Additionally, team members can access progress updates to identify tasks requiring their attention, ensuring smooth collaboration and timely completion of work.
  3. Document Management System: OnSpace offers a Document Management System that helps you organize and manage all project documents from the beginning. For example, imagine you are managing a large construction project. With OnSpace, you can store all blueprints, contracts, permits, and progress reports in one central location. This system ensures that all documents are regularly updated and easy to track, preventing the loss of important information. If a contractor needs to verify a detail in the blueprint, they can quickly access the latest version without sifting through piles of paperwork or searching multiple email threads.

    By keeping everything in one place, you can avoid losing important documents. A centralized system also helps prevent conflicts, delays, and legal issues by making sure everyone has access to the most up-to-date information. This keeps your project running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that every team member is on the same page and that no crucial details are missed.
  4. Organized Workflows: OnSpace helps create organized workflows with clear task instructions to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and when they need to do it. You can assign tasks to team members with detailed instructions and deadlines, making it easy for them to understand their responsibilities and complete tasks on time.

    With OnSpace, you can also add action buttons to forms so that field supervisors can approve or decline work that has been done. This ensures that work meets quality standards and allows for quick decision-making. By having organized workflows and clear instructions, OnSpace helps keep projects on track and reduces confusion and delays.

Effective construction project planning and scheduling are crucial for the success of any project. Poor planning can lead to project delays, resource mismanagement, safety issues, and low team morale. OnSpace provides a comprehensive solution to these challenges with real-time collaboration, progress tracking and reporting features, centralized document management system, and organized workflows with clear task instructions.

By using OnSpace, construction teams can ensure effective communication, maintain up-to-date project documentation, and keep projects on schedule with well-defined tasks. These features help to avoid costly mistakes, improve project quality, and ensure timely completion.

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