Never Miss an Insurance Renewal!

Fleet managers often overlook timely insurance renewals, exposing themselves to potential penalties.

Problems We Solve

"I keep forgetting my truck insurance renewal dates."

Many fleet managers approach us because they're overwhelmed with the numerous renewal dates they have to remember. Missing a date can lead to penalties or even uninsured trucks on the road.

Solution: With OnSpace's forms, you can easily capture all your truck insurance dates in one place.

"I need a system to remind me of upcoming renewals."

Fleet managers have expressed frustration over relying on manual methods or outdated systems to track expiration dates. These methods are prone to errors and can result in missed renewals.

Solution: OnSpace's reminders feature acts as your personal renewal tracker. Set it up once, and let our reminder software do the work. Never miss a renewal date again.

"I'm using multiple tools to track expiration dates, and it's chaotic."

Fleet Managers have told us about the hassle of juggling between spreadsheets, calendars, and even sticky notes to keep track of expiration dates. This fragmented approach is inefficient and increases the risk of oversights.

Solution: OnSpace consolidates all your needs into one reminder website. From capturing dates with our form builder to setting up auto reminds, everything is in one place. Plus, if you're used to an expiration date tracking excel template, transitioning to OnSpace will be a breeze.

"I wish there was a free tool to help me with expiration reminders."

Budget constraints can be a challenge for many fleet managers. Investing in multiple tools or expensive software isn't always feasible.

Solution: OnSpace offers a free expiration reminder software option. Get started without any financial commitment and experience the ease of tracking expiration dates online.

Demo Video

Watch this demo video to see how OnSpace can automate your
insurance renewal workflow.

Who is it for?

Fleet Managers
Logistics Managers
Operations Manager

Why use OnSpace

Centralized Expiration Management
Automated Renewal Alerts
Efficient Data Capture


These are the features designed to simplify and automate your expirations and renewals work,
allowing you more time to focus on what truly matters.

Custom Form Builder

Easily set up automobile and insurance information forms, allowing you to capture details on-the-go from your phone or computer. Designing customized forms becomes a breeze with our user-friendly reminder software, ensuring you can track expiration dates without needing technical expertise.

Learn about form builder
Truck Registration Form

Set Renewals Reminders

Set up your insurance renewal reminders and let our expiration reminder feature handle the task of tracking expiration dates for you. This way, you can effortlessly auto remind yourself of upcoming renewals and dedicate more time to pressing matters.

Learn about reminders
OnSpace reminders feature on phone

Analyze your Data

Spot patterns, trends, and connections in your automobile and insurance renewals data using OnSpace's intuitive visualization tools. Present your findings clearly with charts, graphs, maps, and scorecards, all integrated within our reminder software. This ensures you make decisions backed by comprehensive insights, streamlining your renewal tracker process.

Learn about analytics
OnSpace data visualization feature


Check out other logistics templates that will help to
get started in few minutes.


“Managing insurance renewals for our 50+ trucks used to be a nightmare, often leading to missed dates and penalties. Thanks to OnSpace, those days are behind us. It's been a game-changer for iProcure.”

COO at iProcure Limited

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