Site Security Patrolling

Published on April 6, 2023
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What is Site Security Patrolling?

Site Security Patrolling is a form designed for security personnel to record essential information during their patrolling rounds at a specific location. This form ensures that security guards are accountable for their rounds and can provide detailed documentation of their observations and actions taken during the patrols. It helps organizations maintain a high level of security and address any potential issues or incidents effectively.

What information can be recorded in a Site Security Patrolling form?

  1. Date: The date of the security patrol.
  2. Time: The specific time of the security patrol.
  3. Location: The precise location of the security patrol.
  4. Security guard name: The full name of the security guard performing the patrol.
  5. Security guard ID: The unique identification number assigned to the security guard.
  6. Notes on patrol: A text field for security guards to record their observations during the patrol, such as any suspicious activities, potential security threats, or other relevant information.
  7. Action taken: A text field for security guards to document any actions they took during the patrol, such as addressing a security concern, contacting the appropriate authorities, or taking preventive measures.

Benefits of keeping records for Site Security Patrolling

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