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Published on May 2, 2023
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What is a Public Service Requests form?

A Public Service Requests form is a tool used by local government agencies, municipalities, or other public service providers to collect, process, and manage service requests from citizens. The form helps streamline the request process, prioritize requests based on their nature, and assign resources to address the issues reported by citizens. It also helps maintain accurate records of public service requests and their resolution status.

What information can be recorded in a Public Service Requests form?

  1. Submission date: The date on which the public service request was submitted.
  2. Requester name: The name of the individual submitting the service request.
  3. Identification number: A unique identification number assigned to the request for tracking purposes.
  4. Contact phone: The phone number of the requester, in case follow-up or clarification is needed.
  5. Request type: A dropdown field indicating the type of public service request (e.g., Road repair, Traffic signal issue, Waste collection, Graffiti removal, Other).
  6. Description: A detailed description of the issue or service request.
  7. Location: The specific location where the issue or service request is occurring.

Benefits of keeping records for Public Service Requests:

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