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Published on May 2, 2023
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What is Citizens Feedback?

Citizens Feedback is a system or platform designed to collect and manage feedback, concerns, or suggestions from citizens about various public services, infrastructure, public safety, environmental issues, and other matters related to their community. This feedback can be used by local governments, organizations, or authorities to identify areas of improvement, prioritize resources, and implement effective solutions to address the issues raised by the community members.

What information can be recorded in a Citizens Feedback form?

  1. Submission date: The date on which the feedback was submitted.
  2. Citizen name: The name of the citizen providing the feedback, concern, or suggestion.
  3. Contact phone: The phone number of the citizen, in case follow-up or clarification is needed.
  4. Issue category: The specific category of the issue being reported, such as public services, infrastructure, public safety, environment, or other.
  5. Feedback: A detailed description of the issue, concern, or suggestion being reported by the citizen.
  6. Response: Any response or action taken by the local government, organization, or authority in response to the feedback.
  7. Resolved: A dropdown field indicating whether the issue has been resolved or not (Yes or No).
  8. Pictures (if any): Any photographs provided by the citizen to support their feedback or show the issue being reported.
  9. GPS Location: The geographical location where the issue is reported, which can help authorities quickly locate and address the problem.

Benefits of keeping records for Citizens Feedback

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