Volunteer Registration Form Templates

Published on May 1, 2023
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What is a Volunteer Registration form?

A Volunteer Registration form is a document used by organizations, non-profits, and community groups to collect and manage information about volunteers who are interested in offering their time, skills, and expertise to support the organization's initiatives and activities.

What information can be recorded in a Volunteer Registration form?

  1. Full name: The volunteer's full name.
  2. Identification number: Such as social security number, passport number, or other applicable identification.
  3. Contact phone: The volunteer's phone number.
  4. Contact email: The volunteer's email address.
  5. Availability: Examples; "Ready to start," "Start after 1 week," or "Start after 1 month."
  6. Skills: A description of the volunteer's specific skills, qualifications, or areas of expertise.
  7. Picture: A photograph of the volunteer for identification and record-keeping purposes.

Benefits of using a Volunteer Registration form

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