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Published on May 1, 2023
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What is a Grant Application?

A Grant Application is a formal request for financial assistance submitted by an organization or individual to a grant-making institution or agency. The application typically includes detailed information about the project or program for which funding is being requested, including its objectives, budget, timeline, and expected outcomes.

What information can be recorded in a Grant Application form?

  1. Applicant Name: The full name of the individual or the primary contact person representing the organization applying for the grant.
  2. Organization Name: The official name of the organization seeking funding.
  3. Organization Type: The category of the organization, such as nonprofit, educational institution, government agency, etc.
  4. Tax Identification Number: The tax identification number of the organization, as required by law for tax purposes.
  5. Contact Person: The name of the person who will serve as the primary point of contact for the grant application process.
  6. Email Address: The email address of the contact person.
  7. Phone Number: The phone number of the contact person.
  8. Project Title: A brief, descriptive title for the project or program for which funding is being requested.
  9. Project Description: A detailed description of the project or program, including its objectives, target audience, and expected outcomes.
  10. Project Start Date: The date when the project or program is expected to begin.
  11. Project End Date: The date when the project or program is expected to be completed.
  12. Funding Amount Requested: The total amount of financial assistance being requested from the grant-making institution or agency.
  13. Project Budget: A document outlining the projected expenses and revenues associated with the project or program.
  14. Additional Supporting Documents: Any supplementary materials that provide more information about the project or program, such as research findings, letters of support, or case studies.

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