Food Program Distribution

Published on May 1, 2023
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What is a Food Program Distribution form?

A Food Program Distribution form is a document used by organizations, non-profits, and government agencies involved in providing food assistance to people in need. This form serves as a means to collect and manage information about the recipients, their delivery details, and the type and quantity of food distributed to them.

What information can be recorded in a Food Program Distribution form?

  1. Recipient name: The beneficiary full name
  2. Contact phone: The beneficiary phone number
  3. Number of family members: How many people the beneficiary has in his family
  4. Delivery Address: Where the food will be delivered
  5. GPS Location: The exact GPS coordinates of the delivery address
  6. Food Delivered (description of the items and quantities provided)
  7. Notes: Additional information or special instructions
  8. Pictures: Images of the food items, recipient, or other relevant information

Benefits of using a Food Program Distribution form

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