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Published on April 6, 2023
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What is a Storage Request?

A Storage Request is a form used by individuals or businesses to request storage space for their belongings, inventory, or equipment. This form helps the storage facility understand the customer's storage needs, gather their contact information, and ensure that the appropriate storage size and location are available.

What information can be recorded in a Storage Request form?

A Storage Request form typically includes the following input fields:

  1. First name: The customer's first name.
  2. Last name: The customer's last name.
  3. Email address: The customer's email address for communication purposes.
  4. Phone number: The customer's phone number to reach them for any updates or inquiries.
  5. Storage size: A dropdown field to select the desired storage size, which helps the facility provide the right space for the customer's needs.
  6. Location of storage: The preferred location of the storage unit, which can be a specific address or a general area.
  7. Additional details: Any other relevant information about the customer's storage needs or preferences.
  8. Pictures of items: Images of the items to be stored, which can help the facility understand the nature of the items and ensure proper handling and storage.
  9. Documents pictures: Images of any relevant documents, such as insurance papers or inventory lists, for reference and record-keeping purposes.

Benefits of keeping records for Storage Requests

Keeping records for Storage Requests offers several benefits:

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