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Published on April 6, 2023
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What is the Residential Move Request form?

The Residential Move Request form is a customizable template created for the OnSpace no-code platform's form builder feature. This form is designed to help moving and relocation companies manage and streamline residential move requests from their customers. It captures essential information, such as customer details, moving date, locations, size, additional details, and pictures of items and receipts.

What information does the Residential Move Request form collect?

The Residential Move Request form collects the following information:

  1. First name: The given name of the customer requesting the residential move. This helps identify and address the customer properly throughout the moving process.
  2. Last name: The surname or family name of the customer. Combined with the first name, it uniquely identifies the customer and helps maintain accurate records.
  3. Email address: The customer's email address for communication purposes, such as sending quotes, updates, and other relevant information about the move.
  4. Phone number: The customer's phone number, which allows for direct contact, scheduling, and coordination during the moving process.
  5. Moving date: The date the customer has scheduled or requested for the move to take place. This helps the moving company plan and allocate resources accordingly.
  6. Moving from: The origin address or location where the customer's belongings are to be picked up. This information is essential for planning the logistics of the move.
  7. Moving to: The destination address or location where the customer's belongings are to be delivered. Like the origin location, this information is crucial for planning the move's logistics.
  8. Moving size: A general estimate of the size of the move, typically categorized by the type or size of the residence or office space. This helps the moving company understand the scope of the move and allocate appropriate resources.
  9. Additional details: Any extra information the customer wants to provide about the move, such as special handling requirements, packing preferences, or other specific requests.
  10. Pictures of items: Images of the items to be moved, which help the moving company assess the complexity of the move, estimate packing and transportation requirements, and provide a more accurate quote.
  11. Receipts: Images of receipts or other relevant documents that the customer wants to submit as part of the move request. This can include proof of purchase, warranty information, or any other documents that may be relevant to the moving process.

Benefits of using the Residential Move Request form

The Residential Move Request form offers several advantages, including:

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