Safety Incident Reporting

Published on April 30, 2023
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What is a Safety Incident Reporting form?

A Safety Incident Reporting form is a document used by organizations to record and report safety-related incidents that occur within their premises or during work-related activities. The form is designed to capture critical information about the incident, such as the type, severity, location, and a description of the event. This information can be used to identify and address potential hazards, improve safety protocols, and reduce the occurrence of future incidents.

What information can be recorded in a Safety Incident Reporting form?

  1. Incident date: The date when the incident occurred.
  2. Incident type: The type of incident, which may include an accident, near miss, or property damage.
  3. Description: A brief description of the incident, including the circumstances and events leading up to it.
  4. Injury severity: The severity of any injuries sustained as a result of the incident, categorized as minor, moderate, or severe.
  5. Incident location: The location where the incident took place, which can be recorded as a physical address or GPS coordinates.

Benefits of using a Safety Incident Reporting form

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