Quality Control Inspections Form Templates

Published on April 30, 2023
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What is a Quality Control Inspections form?

A Quality Control Inspections form is a document used by businesses to record the results of their quality control inspections. The form helps track the inspection process, ensuring that products, services, or processes meet the required standards and specifications. It also serves as a record for any issues or improvements that need to be addressed.

What information can be recorded in a Quality Control Inspections form?

  1. Inspection date: The date the inspection took place.
  2. Inspector name: The name of the person who conducted the inspection.
  3. Inspection type: A dropdown list of the different types of inspections, such as visual inspection, dimensional inspection, performance testing, or environmental testing.
  4. Inspection result: A dropdown list indicating the result of the inspection, such as pass, fail, or partial pass.
  5. Comments: A text field for the inspector to provide any additional comments or observations about the inspection.

Benefits of using a Quality Control Inspections form

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