Environmental Impact Audit Form Templates

Published on April 30, 2023
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What is an Environmental Impact Audit form?

An Environmental Impact Audit form is a document used by organizations to assess and record their environmental performance, including energy and water usage, emissions, waste management, chemical usage, resource consumption, and compliance with environmental regulations. The form is designed to help organizations identify areas for improvement and implement measures to reduce their environmental impact, ultimately promoting sustainability and adherence to environmental best practices.

What information can be recorded in an Environmental Impact Audit form?

  1. Energy Usage: The amount of energy consumed by the organization, typically measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) or similar units.
  2. Water Usage: The volume of water consumed by the organization, typically measured in gallons, liters, or other volume units.
  3. Emissions: A description of the organization's emissions, including greenhouse gases and other air pollutants.
  4. Waste: A description of the waste generated by the organization, including waste types and disposal methods.
  5. Chemical Usage: A description of the chemicals used by the organization, including their purposes and quantities.
  6. Resource Consumption: A description of the resources consumed by the organization, such as raw materials and other inputs.
  7. Environmental Compliance: A description of the organization's adherence to environmental regulations and standards.

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