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Published on April 29, 2023
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What is a Route Planning form?

A Route Planning form is a document used to plan and record the details of a specific route between a starting location and an end location. This form is particularly useful for businesses that rely on transportation or logistics, as it helps them to efficiently plan routes for drivers, ensuring timely deliveries and reducing overall travel times.

What information can be recorded in a Route Planning form?

  1. Start location: The starting point of the planned route, typically provided as a GPS location or an address.
  2. End location: The destination or endpoint of the planned route, also provided as a GPS location or an address.
  3. Waypoints: Intermediate points or stops along the route that may be relevant for the journey.
  4. Travel mode: The method of transportation to be used for the planned route, such as "Driving," "Walking," "Bicycling," or "Transit."
  5. Estimated travel time: A rough estimate of the time it will take to travel the planned route, usually provided in minutes or hours.

Benefits of using a Route Planning form

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