Retailer Customer Registration Form Templates

Published on April 6, 2023
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What is the Retailer Registration Form?

The retailer registration form is a custom form designed for the OnSpace no-code platform's form builder feature. This form aims to simplify the process of registration new retailers by capturing essential information about their business in a single, organized location. With the retailer registration form, businesses can expedite retailer registration, improve communication, and enhance overall business relationships.

What information can be recorded in the Retailer Registration Form?

The retailer registration form collects the following input fields:

  1. Business name: This text field records the name of the retailer's business for accurate identification and record-keeping.
  2. Contact person: This text field captures the name of the primary contact person at the retailer's business, ensuring clear and direct communication.
  3. Contact email: This email field records the contact person's email address, facilitating easy correspondence and follow-up.
  4. Contact phone: This phone-number field captures the contact person's phone number, providing an alternative method of communication.
  5. Business location: This location field records the retailer's business location, allowing for efficient logistical planning and coordination.
  6. Payment terms: This dropdown field offers various payment term options, such as Net 30, Net 45, Net 60, and Cash on Delivery, enabling businesses to agree on suitable terms for their relationship.
  7. Business premises pictures: This image field allows users to upload pictures of the retailer's business premises, providing a visual representation and assurance of the retailer's establishment.

Benefits of using the Retailer Registration Form

The retailer registration form offers several advantages, such as:

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