Stock Requisition Form Templates

Published on April 3, 2023
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What is Stock Requisition?

The Stock Requisition form is a custom form created for the OnSpace no-code platform's form builder feature. This form is designed to help businesses efficiently manage and track product requisitions for their various branches or locations. Utilizing this form allows companies to maintain optimal inventory levels, meet customer demands, and streamline their stock requisition process.

What information can be recorded in the Stock Requisition form?

The Stock Requisition form captures the following input fields:

  1. Requisition Date: This date field records the specific day the stock requisition took place.
  2. Branch name: This text field enables users to input the name of the branch requesting the stock.
  3. Requisition location: This date field should be corrected to a "location" field, which would capture the geographical location of the branch making the requisition.
  4. Product requested: This dropdown field lets users select the product being requested from a list of predefined options.
  5. Quantity: This number field records the quantity of the requested product.
  6. Reason for the requisition: This dropdown field allows users to choose the reason for the requisition, such as Low stock or High customer demand.
  7. Notes: This text field provides space for users to add any additional information or observations about the stock requisition.

Benefits of keeping records for Stock Requisition

Using the Stock Requisition form offers numerous benefits, such as:

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