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Published on April 3, 2023
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What is the CRM - Opportunities Form?

The CRM - Opportunities form is a custom form designed for the OnSpace no-code platform's form builder feature. This form is tailored to help businesses efficiently record, track, and manage potential sales opportunities within their customer relationship management (CRM) system. By systematically managing opportunities, businesses can optimize their sales processes and better allocate resources.

What information can be recorded in the CRM - Opportunities Form?

The CRM - Opportunities form captures the following input fields:

  1. Account (Company name): This text field allows users to input the name of the company or account associated with the opportunity, ensuring a clear link between opportunities and clients.
  2. Stage: This dropdown field offers various stages in the sales pipeline, such as qualifications, proposal, evaluation, negotiation, and closed, enabling businesses to track the progress of each opportunity.
  3. Priority level: This dropdown field allows users to assign a priority level to the opportunity, ranging from very low to very high, helping businesses prioritize resources and focus on high-potential opportunities.
  4. Account Owner: This text field records the name of the person responsible for managing the account or opportunity, ensuring clear ownership and accountability.
  5. Estimated value: This number field captures the estimated value of the opportunity, enabling businesses to forecast potential revenue.
  6. Expected close date: This date field records the anticipated date when the opportunity will be closed, helping businesses to plan and manage their sales pipelines.

Benefits of using the CRM - Opportunities Form

The CRM - Opportunities form provides several advantages, such as:

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