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Published on April 3, 2023
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What is Daily Stock Tracker?

The Daily Stock Tracker form is designed to help businesses track their daily sales, inventory levels, and other relevant information regarding their products. By using this form, companies can effectively monitor their sales performance and make informed decisions for better inventory management in a daily basis.

What information can be recorded in the Daily Stock Tracker form?

The Daily Stock Tracker form captures the following input fields:

  1. Date of the sale: This date field records the specific day the sale occurred.
  2. Store or Branch name: This text field allows users to input the name of the store or branch where the sale took place.
  3. Product name: This dropdown field allows users to select the product sold from a predefined list of options, such as Samsung S23, iPhone 14 Pro, and Macbook Pro M1.
  4. Total sales amount: This number field records the total monetary value of the sales made for the specific product.
  5. Quantity stock on hand: This number field indicates the remaining stock quantity for the particular product after the sale.
  6. Location: This location field captures the geographical location of the store or branch.
  7. Notes: This text field provides space for users to add any additional information or observations about the sale.

Benefits of keeping records for Daily Stock Tracker

Keeping records for the Daily Stock Tracker provides numerous benefits, including:

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