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Published on April 3, 2023
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What is Customer Feedback?

The Customer Feedback form is a custom form created for the OnSpace no-code platform's form builder feature. This form is designed to collect valuable feedback from customers regarding their experiences with a business's products or services. By gathering this information, businesses can identify areas for improvement, assess customer satisfaction, and make informed decisions for future growth.

What information can be recorded in the Customer Feedback form?

The Customer Feedback form captures the following input fields:

  1. Full name: This text field enables users to input their full name, allowing businesses to personalize their communication and address the user properly.
  2. Email address: This email field collects the user's email address, providing businesses with a direct means of communication.
  3. Phone number: This phone-number field records the user's phone number, offering businesses an alternative method of contacting the user if needed.
  4. Satisfaction ratings (5 being the highest): This dropdown field allows users to rate their satisfaction with the business's products or services on a scale of 1 to 5, helping businesses gauge overall customer satisfaction levels.
  5. How would you explain your experience with our products or services?: This text field enables users to describe their experiences, giving businesses valuable insights into customer perceptions and expectations.
  6. Any suggestions for improvements or new features?: This text field provides space for users to share ideas or recommendations for enhancing products or services, driving innovation and continuous improvement.

Benefits of keeping records for Customer Feedback

Using the Customer Feedback form offers numerous benefits, such as:

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