Vehicle Maintenance Form Templates

Published on April 14, 2023
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What is Vehicle Maintenance?

Vehicle maintenance is the process of regularly checking, servicing, and repairing a vehicle to ensure its optimal performance, safety, and reliability. It includes various tasks, such as changing engine oil and filters, rotating tires, checking and replacing brakes, and inspecting other critical components. A Vehicle Maintenance form is used to record essential information about the vehicle and the maintenance work performed, providing a comprehensive service history that can be referred to in the future.

What information can be recorded in a Vehicle Maintenance form?

  1. Date of service: The date when the maintenance service was performed.
  2. Car make: The manufacturer of the car.
  3. Car model: The specific model of the car.
  4. License plate number: The unique identifier for the vehicle.
  5. Mileage: The vehicle's total mileage at the time of service.
  6. Type of service performed: A list of maintenance tasks performed during the service.
  7. Parts replaced or repaired: A description of any parts that were replaced or repaired.
  8. Issues or problems discovered: Any issues or problems found during the maintenance service.
  9. Cost of the service: The total cost of the maintenance service.
  10. Vehicle pictures: Images of the vehicle, if applicable.
  11. Service location: The geographical location where the maintenance service was performed.

Benefits of using a Vehicle Maintenance form

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