Rental Vehicle Return Form Templates

Published on April 24, 2023
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What is a Rental Vehicle Return form?

A Rental Vehicle Return form is a document used by car rental companies to record and manage information related to the return or drop-off of a rented vehicle by a customer. It includes details such as the date of return, reservation number, customer information, ODO meter readings, fuel levels, return location, maintenance requirements, pictures of the car, and notes. This form helps businesses ensure a smooth vehicle return process and maintain a record of the vehicle's condition upon return.

What information can be recorded in a Rental Vehicle Return form?

  1. Date of Return: The date when the customer returns the rented vehicle.
  2. Reservation number: The unique identifier assigned to the customer's reservation.
  3. Customer name: The full name of the customer returning the vehicle.
  4. Customer driving license: The customer's driving license number for verification purposes.
  5. ODO meter readings: The vehicle's odometer reading at the time of return.
  6. Fuel levels (Ltrs): The fuel level in the vehicle, recorded in liters.
  7. Return location: The location where the customer returns the rented vehicle.
  8. Requires Maintenance?: Indicates whether the vehicle requires maintenance (Yes or No).
  9. Pictures of the car: Photographs of the vehicle's condition upon return.
  10. Received by: The name of the staff member who received the returned vehicle.
  11. Notes: Any additional notes or observations regarding the vehicle's condition or the return process.

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