Input Ordering Form Templates

Published on April 13, 2023
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What is Input Ordering?

Input Ordering is a form used by farmers or agricultural businesses to order inputs required for their farming operations. It collects information such as the customer's contact details, delivery address, GPS coordinates, crop type, input type, input variety, input quantity, and the expected delivery date. This form streamlines the process of ordering farming inputs, ensuring timely delivery and accurate record-keeping.

What information can be recorded in an Input Ordering form?

  1. Full name: The full name of the person placing the order.
  2. Contact number: The phone number of the person placing the order.
  3. Email address: The email address of the person placing the order.
  4. Delivery address: The address where the inputs will be delivered.
  5. GPS coordinates: The geographical location of the delivery address.
  6. Crop type: The type of crop for which the inputs are being ordered.
  7. Input type: The type of input being ordered (e.g., seeds, fertilizers, pesticides).
  8. Input variety: The specific variety of the input being ordered.
  9. Input quantity: The quantity of the input being ordered.
  10. Expected delivery date: The date when the inputs are expected to be delivered.

Benefits of keeping records for Input Ordering

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