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Published April 1, 2023
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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in driving global economic growth, stimulating development and competitiveness. According to the World Bank, in emerging markets SMEs generate 7 out of 10 jobs and contribute up to 40 % of national income.

Operations teams (large and distributed teams across different locations and regions) are the heart of these SMEs and bottom-line drivers. Most of these teams work in a manual and disorganized setup preventing them from unlocking their full efficiency potential. They are aware of these inefficiencies and understand technology solutions customized to their unique processes are vital to working better and discovering insights that will help in achieving business goals.

Unfortunately, the majority of these SMEs invest in software solutions like ERPs for their senior management teams neglecting the operations teams. One of the key reasons is that operations functions are unique and dynamic to each team, this makes it challenging to build or acquire software solutions that addresses all those needs. These SMEs are hesitant to invest because it’s expensive to build or acquire custom solutions for their operation teams.

As these SMEs scale, so do their technology needs. However, it is challenging to scale their current traditional software stack at the same rate as their businesses. It takes time and money to build or purchase software to address their new business use cases. One option is to subscribe to SaaS packages that meet the needs of a single use case. The problem with this approach is having so many SaaS solutions to cater to each unique use case becomes costly (cost per user subscribed) and worse, silos your data making it difficult to have a holistic view of what’s going on.

At OnSpace, we strongly believe business software should be accessible to everyone in an organisation of any size, centralised data, and most importantly — affordable. And our north star is to make that a reality for all SMEs around the world.

Our focus is on the human side of work, because we understand that all work, whether by individuals or a team, is done through communication and collaboration — by people like you and me. And if each team is provided with a tool that can centralise their communication, work data, and provide insights, the team will be efficient and productive.

We believe the key to success is teams having a flexible tool they need to communicate, collect, organize their data, extract insights about their work in real-time, and humanize their work. Hence, OnSpace is designed for people.

We set out to build a do-it-yourself tool that reflects this new reality: OnSpace as a no-code platform is designed to perfectly scale with your business by putting the power of developing your use-case-specific tools in the hands of your team, just like Lego for applications and be a place where all work and communication can live. It’s simple and intuitive to use, but under the hood, it offers powerful global standard business application features for teams.

We want our users to be in control of their digital transformation at all times, so everything we do on OnSpace is designed to make that simple. Users can quickly and easily digitize their team's operation functions within minutes and start working, communicating, and collaborating immediately without breaking a sweat. Most importantly, these teams can start getting real-time insights from their data to make better data-driven decisions every day.

We envision a future where business software is not a complex implementation and acquisition process but a simple plug-&-play tool for SMEs in all industries and sizes around the world. This is the future of business software, a future where SMEs will increase in revenue performance, improvement in customer satisfaction, increased profit results, create more jobs, contribute more than 40 % of their national income, and eventually take global economic growth to the next level.

At OnSpace we are excited to build that future operating system for all SMEs across the world.

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