Types of Inputs

OnSpace currently provides 13 types of form inputs that are used to create a custom form in each group created.

Single value inputs

These input types can only take and process a single value at a time. The following are the single value inputs.

Single value input types

Selection inputs

These input types present choices for end users to select from. For dropdown a user gets to select a single answer from a menu of choices, and checkbox are used when you want to give users the ability to select one or more answers from a menu of choices.

Selection input types

File inputs

File inputs come in two types, documents and images. For uploading file types like PDF, docx, xlsx etc use documents input type, and JPG, PNG etc use images input type.

File input types

Relation inputs

Relation or link input is a powerful type that allows to connect two records that are related. Relations input is dropdown in nature but special.

For example, when you have customers group/form that captures customer name and you have a sales group/form that captures customer sales and would like to record customer name for each sale, you will then add the customer name field in the sales form. All customers that are listed in the customer group will be accessible in the customer name field in sales form.

Relation input types
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