How iProcure has optimized its sales pipeline and increased revenues using OnSpace

iProcure warehouse manager confirming stocks and other records from files
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Briefly, tell us about yourself and your company

Hey, I'm Stefano, Co-founder of iProcure an agri-tech company focused on optimizing the agri-input distribution of farm inputs to small commercial farmers. We operate across vast geography and have an operations field force of 150 people, supplying agro-dealers on a 24hr turnaround time.

What are your key business functions?

In order to stay efficient, iProcure needs to monitor the activities of the field teams ensuring customers are being visited, new customers are being acquired, and technical issues are responded to efficiently, and in a timely manner, all while ensuring the vehicles are operating within the set geographic and business parameters.

What are your system limitations?

iProcure has an in-house team of dedicated engineers/developers who are tasked with the build and upkeep of the distribution ERP/, and the Agro-dealer ERPs, however, relying on this team to develop use-case-specific applications to ensure operational efficiency pulls away resources from the build and maintenance of the company’s primary technology, the iProcure Distribution Platform.

What solution were you looking for?

We really were looking for a solution that would allow us to build simple apps that will allow us to solve our problems without the need for an engineering team. A tool capture, organize and retrieve data based on our unique use cases. Having a tool that is easy to set up, easy to use across teams, brings everyone in one place, and most importantly allows us to focus on analyzing rather than data entry and that's kind of where OnSpace came in for us.

How do you use OnSpace?

We use OnSpace to address many new business use cases such as sales activities, customer acquisitions, logistics tracking, and many others. So we now have this tool in a place where we can manage the business functions and process in collaboration with cross-functional teams all in one spot and actually focus on finding insights in our data.

How have you benefited from using OnSpace?

Within minutes now, I can extract and load my data to Google Data Studio and instantly get valuable insights out of my data. OnSpace has given me back my valuable time to do valuable tasks. Below is an example of an analysis from one of my use cases.

Data collected via OnSpace plotted on Google Data Studios to analyze and get insights
Image by iProcure Team
OnSpace has enabled our company to collect our business data from field sales agent specifically route-tracking data, as well as automate all that we used to do manually, saving us man-hours and money. The team is now focused on analyzing the data and is able to know when a customer was visited by a sales agent, what transpired during the visit, as well as generate powerful reports.
Nicole Galletta, Co-founder at iProcure
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