Add inputs to a custom form

Inputs or fields are the building blocks of a custom form. We provide 12 different types of inputs that allows users to create forms for their business applications.

Who can use this feature?

  1. Only the admins of a group can add inputs to a custom form
  2. Available on all plans

if you have permission to add inputs to a custom form, follow the steps below for both iOS and Android.

Step by step guide

1. From the group chat screen tap the chat settings icon at the app bar.

Group app bar

2. You will be taken to the group chat settings screen. Tap the Custom Form tab.

3. Tap the floating button with file icon seen at the bottom of screen.

4. A list of input types will be presented for you to select from.

Empty custom form screen

In this example we will add a Text input (for Customer Name), Email Address input (for Customer Email), and finally Phone input (for Customer Phone Number).

Input types screen

5. Once you select for example, Text input, you will be presented a form to enter a input name in this case Customer Name. Do the same for email address and phone number inputs.

Example of text input - Customer Name

6. Once you have added the inputs, tap Done at the right top corner of the app bar.

Add input app bar
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